The living room light is very particular, and these tips are useful.

The living room is the facade of the home, and it is also the largest public space at home, so there is a need for a variety of light sources. So

How to do the living room light design?

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Light color temperature

Ground lamp OR nightlight

This type of lamp mainly provides convenience at night, and the color temperature is less than 3000K, and the visual sensory is more friendly and easier to see the road conditions and improve safety.

2. Table lamp OR floor lamp

Table lamps, landing lights belong to functional lighting, starting from reading comfort, choosing warm white light between 3200K-5300K.

3. Dwarf ceiling

The low space needs to take the ceiling lining higher, the ceiling light strip is installed with the light source 5500K-6500K, and there is a floating feel, reducing the lower hanger depression.

4. Tile + White Wall

The floor tiles and white walls give people a cold feeling, the environmental lighting uses the light of 4000K, which can increase the warmth of the living room.

5. Floor OR color wall

The lighting of color temperature 2700k-3500k, hit the floor, the color wall is more textured, and the color color is higher.

Lamp shape

1. Ball lamp + floor lamp


If the living room light source is too complicated, it is difficult to match, and there is no designer to help, select a low-grade cartridge lamp as a foundation, focus on lighting, and make a larger space.

If the lighting is a home decorated tool, then the fashion of the landing lamp is enough to capture people. It not only has the role of appealing emotions, as partial lighting, it is convenient to move, most of which have adjustable, greatly enhance home quality.

2. Chandelier + floor lamp

Chandelier is styled or simple or complex, but the matching of the landing lamp is a substantially incorrect choice. Especially during the day, the chandelier fills the blank on the ceiling shape; the night dropper is easy to outline the quiet corner of the living room, create a comfortable gentle atmosphere.

3. Table lamp

The table lamp has a double function of lighting and decoration, a combination of the corner of the sofa, placing a small case, putting a platform lamp, the overall shape is enriched, and the soft lighting is also a lot to add a lot of living room atmosphere.

Install a chic desk lamp in the living room, and it is also beneficial to create a chat environment. At the dark night, the table lamp is a gathering force and the intimate feeling, often chatting with the distance between parents, lover or friends.

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Living room lighting design


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