Winter is bloated in winter? Seven kinds of bottoming recommendation, choose the next, is a thin and foreign

Have you eager to find it in winter this winter? This issue is recommended for everyone





Come to meet the needs of different scenes!


LOOK1: Woolen suit pants

1. The high waist is designed to increase the waist line to pull the long leg line.


2. The version of the straight Harlan is very fascinating, and the leg defect can be masked.

3. Wool fabric, thick warm, feel good.

4. High-grade gray, rice white, brown three-color optional, go to work, super suitable!

LOOK2: Two Wearing Net Waste Pleated Skirt


1. Net, hair, two wear, one price to buy two pieces, value!


2. Waist Design: Tight waist, stick the waist and comfortable, not tight, collected small belly, waistline is thin.

3. Sandy skirt, cover the hip.

4. Gray, cof color, black, and beige four colors optional.


LOOK3: This year’s explosion models – plus velvet

1. Pocket embroidery improves the design, or the front and rear large pockets, design fashion.


2. Interplay pockets, convenient, natural, waist design, simple wild, elastic waist.


3. Beam design, fashion high, loose version, solid color wild.

4. Plus velvet thickening, strong warm, comfortable fabric is comfortable, feel soft.


LOOK4: Skinny Artifact – Wide Leg Pants

1. Heavyweight fabric + Schnauzer, more soft, more smooth, more comfortable than ordinary cordurins, more comfortable, anti-random, can keep the fabric originality, extremely thin and legged.

2. Elastic high waist design, easy to cover the waist.


3. The crude strip texture is clear, and the texture is clear, making the version more three-dimensional.


4. I have done it without drums, can’t afford my knees.


LOOK5: Small A Charge Plaid Skirt

1. Put on a soft “skin” plus the simple style, the designed design, the foreign gas is not exaggerated, very good to match clothes.

2. The upper body is thin, and the back of the back is smash and has a feeling, but also adds a lazy casual casual feeling.

LOOK6: Subcutive waist foot casual pants


1, elastic waist design, convenient and comfortable.


2. Bunch of nine pants design, strong match

3. Plus velvet + light core pants + casual pants

LOOK7: Dear Pants

1. Can wear the bottom can be made, the waist has a letter printed, and it is not awkward!

2. Skin, slim, super thin! Important things say three times!

3. Plus velvet, very warm.

Today’s recommendation is over, remember to pay attention to me!

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