O’Kek’s spread risk is very high in French experts, no need to panic

Source: Overseas Network

Overseas November 30th

The World Health Organization said 29th that “Okock” variant new crown virus is likely to spread widely in the world, the global spread is very high, but there is still lack of data on its actual impact, still need “a few days or weeks “The time can learn more about the severity of” Ok Tie “infection. The French medical circles call for calm, and there is no need to panic at this stage.

According to the French BFM TV station, Milina Olias, Vice-President of the French Virus Association, said 29th, currently, the current characteristics of “Oak Times” variant new crown virus, and no more serious cases Therefore, it is necessary to keep rationality, especially do not panic. “The virus is easier to spread and does not mean it more deadly.” Paris Paris Paris Director Yashi Yazdan Parner on the 29th of the French Science Committee It is said that it is too early to talk about the seriousness of “O’K戎” infected people. BFM TV Medical Adviser Boris Hansel also emphasized that there is no evidence that “Oak Time” is stronger, “it has more mutations, and it does not mean it is stronger.”

According to the President of the South African Medical Association, about 30 “O’K戎” infected people in her treatment are male under 40 years old, nearly half of the new crown vaccine, but these patients are only “Mild symptoms” in fatigue, muscle soreness, dry cough, throat, etc., a few people have fever, but no one is suffering from serious illness. The World Health Organization confirmed that, so far, there was no news report related to the “O’K戎” variant new crown virus, nor information indicated that the characteristics of “O’K戎” variant were different from other variants. Recently, in the “O’Kok” variant, the new crown virus dominates, the hospitalized patient has increased, but the World Health Organization is cautious about this, which may be caused by the increase in the overall infection, in theory, new crown infection The more people, the more hospitalized people, and it is difficult to calculate the proportion of patients with severe infection.

Regarding the “O’K戎” mutation new crown virus may reduce the effectiveness of new crown vaccine, members of the French Science and Commission, virus scholars, Bruno Lisa, there is no reliable evidence to determine the “Okock” variant new crown virus for new crown The effect of vaccine. The medical community expects this to affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, but does not mean that the vaccine will be invalid. Some countries have detected the new crown of new crown vaccinars in some countries, which means that there is no problem, because the effect of new crown vaccines will fall over time, even if there is no “Otkek “, Complete the risk of vaccination, also infected the risk of Delta variant new crown virus.

French National Health and Medical Research Institute (INSERM), conductor, viralist, vaccinator Mary Paul Kini admitted to the French information desk in the event of French information, brought a lot of new problems, but she It is pointed out that panic is useless. She called on the prescription, and the “strengthening needle” was taken to complete the new crown vaccine for five months, and the immunity was maintained at the highest level in order to better resist new variant new crown viruses. (Overseas Network – Paris – Lujia)

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