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This week’s “one week new book style to the standard” also met with the reader. In this column, we will not list a good book to write a referential language, we will also give our own views of the readers or just published books as much as possible in the range of reading efficiency. If a new book is very exciting, we will spare no effort to give recommendations. If the content of a book does not match its attention, we will also say its own views without reservation in the reference view. In order to more intuitively see our attitude towards a book, we will also add a “recommended index”, similar to Douban score.

Of course, any reading judgment is personal, our opinions may not be correct, and even probably prejudice, but they must be sincere. We just provide a reference view, I hope to provide a reading guide for readers (after all, this thing may also take the risk of crimes). If you have a more hesitant, you want to know the new book of our attitude, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, we will also give your own view as soon as possible.


“Han Warfare: Western Han Dynasty Hongye Revelation”

Author: Liu San

Version: Record Mark | Beijing Science and Technology Press

October 2021


Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended person: Li Xia

The true position of Hanbi Tomb is determined, and the owner of this mausoleum is re-pushed forward again, and accepts viewing under the spotlight. In the past two thousand years, the emperor has always been in the face of the face of Wide Ren, but the so-called “Hanxing, Xiaowen forty, and the morality, morality”. He is the only monarch with the emperor to enter the folk twenty-four filial piety. It is more popular, especially about the construction of the mausoleum behind him, ordered the “all the pottery, the gold and silver copper tin. Because of its mountains, they can not stand the grave “, but also to make the future generations of generic death after the death.

The words of Han Wenmi have been sincere. However, after five hundred years after the death of Han Dynasty, Benmang was stolen, and the result “more treasures”. Therefore, today’s researchers still suspect whether Chinese Emperor has another pair of faces in addition to the Wide Rin Diligence of the Commissioner. And the opposite hole is the true face of Han Wenmi?

For this question, the answer given by Liu Sanyi’s “Hanwa” is: Han Wenmi has only had a pair of faces, and the reason why he has two faces because historical materials are not meticulous enough. Although the Emperor Wen Dynasty, only one-tenth of the books in the book, but it was quite seen that the author was interpreting the history of history. Among them, about the discussion of Han Wenmi, the author specially selected the four things that Han Wen Emperor entered the night of Changan’s universal Palace, including the two associated Songchang and Zhang Wu, who worshipd the country, Song Chang and Zhang Wu are “Wei General, Tao The Nankai army “and” Lang Zhongzheng, the Hall of the Temple “, followed by coming to the former hall, in the middle of the night, the book is praised in the process of being killed in the process of being defeated the Rusian family.” At the same time, he did one thing:

“Night, there is a division of the division, and Huaiyang, Changshan Wang and the Shandi.”

Liang Wang, Huaiyang Wang, Changshan and the Shandan, these four people are the former Han Hui Emperor’s former Han Hui Em, especially the Shandi, during the success of Lu, he has been in the four years in the name of the Han dynasty. The ruler, however, as the Han Wenmi entered the master, he and his own brothers, there were several days of the son of the day, and the Dynasty legal successor became the prisoner, and even deprived of the blood, and finally The purpose, breaking the life. Although this is a routine operation of the Chinese ancient courts. However, Liu San solved the four things made by Han Wenmili this night, demonstrated that the Han Dynasty created by Han Gaozu Liu Bang, in fact, in this night, it has been named in the name, the rule order he established, actually like Qin Dynasty It is also “III to die”.


“Artificial stars in my body”

Author: [Ireland] Higneeider Glyn

Translator: Lu Yixin


Version: One page Folio | Guangxi Normal University Press

Recommended index: ★★★ ☆☆

Recommended person: Xiao Shuzhen

Despite the risk of being attacked, I still want to say that in my opinion, this book is greatly known.

Single on its theme, or the lumbar publishing agency, you can understand why it can take a new book list for a long time, and get 8.7’s high score: “Hair, blood, uterus, face … … Love and Medicine Female Life Star; Motherhood, Art, Creation, Death … A body jailbreak in writing to fleeing imprisonment, “any word, can hit most of the women’s common life experience, the most popular Female body reflection.

But holding this book to open this book, it is inevitable that it is very disappeared. This book does talk about female body organs such as hair, blood, uterus and the unique, subtle psychological experience they brought, there is no shortage.铿铿 力 的 金,,,,,,,,,,,,, Special individual, but did not see a more vast female group, human group, and did not refine more general observations from individual experience; on the other hand, it only presented the pain brought by disease and female body. That is, “Female Life Star Sky with Love and Pain” is not allowed to give people the power to flee imprisonment, and readers can not get any comfort and hope from this kind of congro. In addition, the author is unfair, but it is still difficult to read two or three times in a number of non-essential details, so that I still have to pay attention to the focus repeatedly. I can only choose to give up.

I don’t think that the individual narrative is not good, just for this theme, I think it is not enough to express this expression is far less. If I have never read Susan Santa Sig “disease metaphor”, the “11 kinds of heartbreak” of Lessly Jamison has never been read in the near future, and maybe a higher evaluation of this book. Although these books are not alternative to each other, if the time is limited, “the artificial stars in my body” is the first thing I will give up.


“I want to be”

Author: [英] David Lock

Translator: Liu Bin

Version: New Star Press

November 2021

Recommended index: ★★ ☆☆☆

Recommenders: Palace


The male master is a professor of the Science Research Center. The hostess is a professor in the creative writing class. When these two people love, I will collide how the sparks – this seems to be a very interesting writing theme, at the same time, about literature The debate between art and ideological concepts is also a topic that people will pay long-term. As a scholar-type writer, David Lock is written in this theme. However, as a novel, it is a bad place lies in the character shape to create a literary revival period. The dialogue between the novel is a Platarian speaking conversation, even the way they live, the scenery of Ralph is organism material, human behavior is “ordinary non-specific thinking.” The novel is spread, but it is impossible to bring any vitality – and lack of vitality, it is a unpacked defect.


“Teenage Ian’s Philosophical Adventure”

Author: [United States] Jack Bowen

Translator: Jiang Yuyu

Version: Xinsi Culture | CITIC Publishing Group

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆


Recommended person: Xu Yuedong

If you have seen “Sophie’s World”, it will be very familiar with this book to discuss philosophy. This book is a young male version of “Sophie’s World”, through the adventures of juisia, the author discusses knowledge, self, soul, scientific, religion, ethics, rational, free will, politics and other philosophical issues. The narrative method not only allows readers to better enter the situation of philosophy, but also let readers think about philosophy with the first person’s perspective, so that the difficult philosophical terms are easy to understand. In order to assist the reader to read, mention each philosophical vocabulary in the book, when the philosophers, there are regions like “Tips” to help readers can better supplement background knowledge. In fact, dialogue has always been a good genre with philosophy, from Plato to Hume, have always been an important form of philosophers to guide readers. “Juvenile Ian’s Philosophical Adventure” is a high-quality philosophical scientific work, but also because it is like traditional philosophy, let readers will gradually reflect in different opinions, read this book, can harvest thinking.

Author | Book Review Weekly Editorial Department

Edit | Li Yongbo Qingqingzi

Proofreading | Lu Wei

October 2021

November 2021

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