Electric water heaters how the election? Small figure of great ability, this “flat barrel” Do not miss

With the enhancement of economic income,

Chinese families become more particular about the quality of life

, Such as requirements for household appliances is getting higher. Take the electric water heater, people already satisfied with the large capacity, fast water these advantages, good water quality, small size does not occupy space, and so look forward to more and more. So, how should choose a

Electric water heater for our family

, The purchase process and which in the end

Be sure to avoid the pit

Woolen cloth?

Electric water heaters, “five watch” avoid step on mine

A look bladder capacity.

Too much capacity of space, not enough capacity is too small, but the larger the tank, the greater the heater body, how to make hot water is also small enough size, engineers are racking their brains for customers to save space, so there

Beautiful flat barrel electric water heater

Such “artifacts”, a cylinder liner water heater, put down into two liner, her figure is flat, more space-saving, obviously double liner 60L, 80L and the water was as large cylindrical water heater ,How did you do it? Two heating pipe liner were placed,

Independent heating while washing burn

Hot water more quickly. Specific to the tank capacity to summer use, for example, suitable for 1-2 person households 30-40 liter electric water heater, suitable for 2-3 person households 40-50 liter electric water heater,

3 or more families the best selection of more than 60 liters

Electric water heater, with flat bucket 60L water heater U +, without the cylinder 80L water heater in the bathroom, and they account for a heavy depressed position.

Second look at security.

Mentioned electric water heater, consumers are most worried about is this “power” word, time of purchase, must pay attention to the water heater with or without

Water power

Generally have water heater leakage protection, but after the leakage turn off the power, then people may have electric shock, it is very important water power, the root causes of the power cut off the bath,

At present, only the United States and the water heater has the function of water power,

Other brands are not, safety is the most should pay attention to all families a top priority, do not ignore.

Third, look at water purification.

Although not the bath water is safe to drink, but direct contact with the skin and body, if there is no electric water heater

Purification cleaning

Function, water quality over time will certainly be affected, may lead to

Itchy skin

And other issues, in particular children and senior citizens, etc.

Vulnerable populations more easily misled



Four to see the energy efficiency rating.

Live stress carefully, energy efficiency rating of course, the higher the better, and if the energy efficiency in a case where the difference of two energy efficiency of a few hundred dollars,

It is not necessary to save money

Because the family to use more frequently, spend a year or two in the electricity came back on the province.


Five visits brand manufacturers.

Electric water heaters on the market dazzling, people pick dazzled, when the front four are ruled out of control,

Choose the regular large manufacturers of brand products

, Both are more secure in the delivery or installation service.

Blossoms of the bath, on the election “flat bucket”

Some friends say, and you talk so much, not as a recommendation to reality. As a senior decoration designer, recently really have an electric water heater

Amazing to me

It is not only in full compliance with the “five watch” standard mentioned above, but there are more surprises, we must recommend it to everyone, it is –


Beautiful flat barrel electric water heater U +

Exquisite delicacy

11 “flat bucket” This design, with the gradual appearance Ascot gold, so that the original heavy electric water heater actually appear instantly

Small stay Meng

It can be described as Creative! But designers are not just color values ​​control the thickness U + flat barrel is 32mm, thickness of ordinary electric water heater 60L drums of 45mm,

Thin one-third

Length is shorter, so the design is not only

Extreme ultra-thin, space-saving


Let small bathroom appear larger, and

Wall-installation is not bloated

, Bathroom taste instantly to the next level.

“Tatu” speed hot

Although eleven “flat bucket” small stature,

It is full of treasures

! Equipped with

60L double water tank

, Can burn while washing, hot water output

Comparable to the water heater 80L cylinder

, Bath time is also longer, meet people continued bathing. The mysteries of small stature there, “Tatu” lies

Over 10-fold expansion of technology

: While the water heater 60L capacity, but the two liner tubes with two independent heating 3200W heating, washing water while burning at 28 ° C below ambient, can continue to output approximately 35-37 ℃ 900L temperature (over 10-fold ) hot water.

What advantages does double gall bladder?


Heating fast! Washed with two single bile heating mode, more than double bladder wash on the heating mode, to easily adjust the heating power is also fast.

Sterile phosphate-free

Eleven magnetic scale device can realize net

Triple purification filter

: The first tier, MSAP net magnetic scale black technology, can prevent scale formation,

Inhibition rate up to 91.6%

, Hard becomes soft, moistening water is more phosphorus, unlike many brands market scale means hidden inside the water heater,

External design better replacement


, And will not pollute the water left in the tank; and a second weight, 304 mesh stainless steel

Bloodworm filtration, sediment

And other large particulate impurities; third tier, the magnetization means

Adsorption rust

MSAP net magnetic scale inhibition rate 91.6%


Meanwhile, self-checking intelligent intelligent detection can bactericidal water use, continuously and automatically heated to 80 ° C,

Sterilization rate up to 99%

, Children mistakenly drank the bath water is not afraid, sterile water intimate clothing more at ease.

Multiple protection

Eleven leakage protection, extended electric wall, anti-dry, anti-overheating these basic security readily available at the same time, there

US technology exclusive black “water power”

, A key to turn off the water, the water flow over 1.2L / min, the water heater off automatically. Meanwhile, the machine for repair 8 years

All parts of the quality of life free replacement

Energy saving

11 “cloud steward” active memory consumption habits, to ensure that water consumption while achieving energy savings,

AI intelligent power-saving 40% increase

. The implementation of “peak power” policy of the city, open valley at the Mercure APP [electricity] night mode, electric water heaters stuck half-day provincial electricity, heating at low power consumption will automatically periods, other times standby,

Water heaters save money 50%


VIP vacuum insulation material capable of

Long thermal energy 72h

, A heating temperature for 3 days.

Warranty terms, comparing many brands of electric water heater,


Beauty machine for repair 8 years

It is very rare, usually 3-year warranty, not the whole, very conscientious.

“Flat bucket” This ingenious electric water heater, truly

Both “face” and a “lining”

, Whether it is just the right color value or quality can very place, love of family love life, how can we miss such a good product? Take it home,

Enhance the quality of home, family health care

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United States U + ultra-thin electric water heater speed hot

¥ 3999





















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