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For I often travel and business trips, there is always a normal boyfriend, and I will also incorporate a portion of travel memory at night.

Because there is half of the time in every travel, it is spent on the accommodation, and I will also like to observe a hotel, a trajectory of the cultural and development of the hostel.

As far as I do, I know it knows it more importantly than a simple donkey. The hotel and the hostel should not be abandoned by the eyes and soul. Every accommodation can feel the enthusiasm of the host, feel the traces of the hotel’s bricks, the life toughness of the grass.


Recently, I want to study some of the history and brands of hotel internationally renowned brands. The consciousness of the connotation is very interesting. For example, Hilton has 18 brands, but they are complementary. The reason for the space, I will list the rankings and characteristics of Hilton’s brand.


Group brand distribution list

As shown in the figure above, Hilton has 18 branch brands. These brands are very wide from luxurious to luxury to high-end to economic chain, covering lifestyle, business, travel and other lifestyle, absolutely calculating brand big brothers in the hotel field. On the influence of a well-known brand, I think Hilton is the first place.

Any company will use differentiated ways to develop products, and the hotel is of course also. Do you only know Hilton Hotel? Which brands are there is its brother? What is their ranking? Is there a group in your city? You can refer to:



Hilton brand ranking

1th echelon – luxury level [Waldorf | LXR | Conrad]



It is the top hotel brand of Hilton Group, the highest level of facilities and services, predecessor Waldorf-Astoria Collection, created in 2006, currently in China only in Beijing, Shanghai Xiamen Chengdu, to give a lifetime unforgettable experience.

• Representative: Shanghai Bund Waldorf



It is the new luxury soft brand that Hilton is newly launched. The earliest LXR is the high-end hotel brand launched in 2005 in 2005. It is dedicated to the traditional luxury hotels in the Navo. LXR’s design tenet brings together luxury elements of tourism destinations around the world, dedicated to providing customers with an ultimate luxury experience with local characteristics.

• Representative: Dubai Habu Palace LXR


Kang Leide

Kang Leide is a hotel brand named founder Karad Hilton, “Never Just Stay, Stay Inspired. Is the concept of Many years. The brand hope is more than a high quality accommodation space, more Their journey and life are inspired. It is more suitable for young people relative to the hotel.

• Representative: Xiamen Karad Hotel


2nd echelon – luxury level [Hilton | Jiayue | Signia]


The most representative main hotel brand of Hilton, has established a benchmark, mainly business, and tourism. It is often taken to do the same level, and the Marriott Hotel Group’s Sheraton and Marriott, Hilton, China is mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.


• Representative: Guangzhou Tianhe Hilton



Hilton Jiayue, relatively small, is the latest hotel brand in Hilton, advocating people-oriented, guest-based simple refreshing experience, and personalized lifestyle brands. China’s first family opened in Chengdu

• Representative: Hangzhou West Lake Jiayue


Hilton 17th brand, core business, will focus on 2 points of meeting and activities, from design, technology and catering, focusing on high-end meetings and activities, the current brand, there is no hotel in the world. Its positioning is higher than between Hilton and Kang Leide.

• Representative: None


3th echelon – high end [Hilton DoubleTree “


Doubletree by Hilton


Hilton DoubleTree is a rapidly growing superior hotel brand in Hilton, which is more common in China, advocating warm and comfortable stay. She is listed as Full Service with Hilton, the biggest difference is that the geographical location is in size.

Representative: Hilton, Guangzhou


Collective, independent personality, is the common place of the series of Collection by Hilton Curio Collection by Hilton. A high-end hotel brand, through local characteristics and unique architectural design, providing travelers with original customized travel experience.


• Representative: Lushan West Haige Your Selection Hotel

4th echelon – Mid-Level [Hilton Garden]

Hilton Garden

Hilton Garden Hotel, the mainstay is committed to providing all the busy travelers to play the largest value of the travel to play the largest value of the trip to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which is a very convenient and high convenience. Hotel.

• Representative: Guangzhou Tianhe Dilong Hilton Garden

5th echelon – Economy [Happy | Tru]


Hilton Happy


Hilton Happy Hotel is the most large number of hotels in Hilton, the global distribution is extremely wide, and it is very suitable for road trips. Focus on providing travelers who pay attention to quality and pursuing on the “Happy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee” as support, with friendly and reliable service.

• Representative: Hilton Suzhou Wuzhong




Define in the medium and low-order hotel market, the main life is vibrant, affordable, is committed to providing a value-for-money experience for business and leisure travelers through simple, vibrant. Individuals think that it is similar to EvenHotels in Intercontinent.


6th echelon – featured brand

Hilton Hurat

Hilton Hifu Hotel is a long-term hotel in the middle-aged hotel that demonstrates innovative spirit. For travelers, value, value-for-free, HOME2 has a more affordable small suite design, is a young family route Brands, like the second home of passengers.




The newly launched amenities with affinity lifestyle hotels, hoping to provide visitors to maintain physical and mental health, environmental awareness, accommodation in public space and rooms enjoying well-designed




Hillie Hotel Hilton, Hilton’s long-stayed suites, high-end full set of house leader rental hotel brands


TapeStry Collection


A number of original selection of hotels have been gathered. Tapestry is an unique woven art that will cover a series of high-grade original hotels, and every hotel will maintain its own style. The brand is mainly distributed in the United States, and there are eight people in New York. Gust is selected low, China’s first family is also the first Taipei Times Actress in the Asia Pacific.

Embassy Suites

Hilton Zeming Hotel, the most special is the main features of the main function, separated by the bedroom with the living room, and a small number of family-ornamental hotels specializing in the market. Mainly distributed in North America and the Caribbean, which is one of the earlier hotel brands in Hilton.



Hilton’s new micro-hotel brand, simple wind, reasonable smaller rooms, generally located in global golden space, allowing guests to freely build their exclusive experience in the world’s most popular city. The brand is positioned to grasp the heart of modern young tourists, subvert the traditional hotel experience, which is both modern but affordable.



Some people think that if your city has no Hilton Hotel, then it is not developed in this city’s economic level. Hilton’s brand culture surrounds “service”, providing thoughtful and intimate check-in experience for every stay. Nowadays, Hilton brand has become a prostate global chain hotel, in addition to their comfortable environment and thoughtful services, is also a symbol of honor and importance.

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