Winter dress is more amazing, 5 skirts match, elegant and fashionable

Like watching Japanese magazine, the little sisters will find that even in the cold winter, they will not wear very thick bloated, relatively thick clothes, the matching of the skirt will look more refreshing, so Japanese magazine The models in winter will often choose a relatively refreshing and stylish skirt, and the winter dress is more amazing, 5 skirts match, elegant and fashionable.

First, sweaters with skirt


Moderate Slim sweater matches the upper body skirt, using a very simple color matching method to highlight the color matching method, although color match is very simple, but use moderately self-cultivation style and Dressing in direct styles can highlight high levels of highlights.

If your body belongs to a pear-type body, you can use a short sweater to use a short-waist-style A word skirt, use a short high matching method to use a short and lower match. It is highlighted to highlight the limpes and can highlight the effect of good body. The A-style skirt can also hide the width of the ankle.

When using a knit sweater to match the skirt, you can use the different color matching method to show a rich feeling of color color, but the color of the color is placed in the waist, so it can be degraded by the position of the color connection. The fiber in the front material can also interpret more colors rich by differential color matching methods.


Second, coat with a skirt

If you want to wear a refreshing and cold effect, you can use the coat to match the skirt. The coat can show enough warmth in the winter wear. Sufficient refreshing feeling, combined with trendy and warm practicability in both inside and outspers.

When using the coat with a skirt, you need to pay attention to the feeling of layering. If you want to wear enough level, you should pay attention to your career, the length of the skirt is slightly longer than the length of the coat, use The outer short matching method is highlighted to highlight enough three-dimensional and precise.


Third, down jacket with skirt


If you compare warm performance when wearing, you can use the down jacket to match the skirt, the warm performance of the down jacket is the strongest, use the down jacket to combine the skirt on the matching clothes, which can express enough warmth. Value, can also match the skirt through the lower body to wear the effect of the show.


When wearing a down jacket, it is best to use open clothes to avoid bloating and sufficient effects. Whether it is a short down jacket or a long down jacket, you can use open clothes when wearing it. The way to show more profile, avoiding the drum capsule to be too bloated.

Fourth, leather dress with skirt

If you want to pursue a sexy, you can use the leather to match the skirt, the short-fitted half-length skirt, which can demonstrate the skin and neutral in the upper and lower body. The wind of the wind can also show a slimming effect through the matching of the vertical tattoo skirt.

Five, suit with a skirt


If you prefer a mix and match, you can use a suit to match the skirt, the suit is relatively neat in the style, and the skirt is usually relatively soft to the version of the tailor, and uses a desirable practice on the upper and lower body. The neutral wind monophy is matched with a soft skirt, and the upper and lower fittings are in a mix and match style, although the color is simple, but the style wears is particularly residual.


Don’t just know the jeans in winter, you want to be both fashionable and show your body, the winter dress is a better choice!

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