Electric vehicles began to rectify the windshield, can be used instead of gloves, etc.

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People riding electric vehicles are very comfortable in warm days, but in cold winter is different, riding electric cars is really special frost, for this, many riders will add some wind to electric vehicles External addition, but these external components not only resist cold, but also violate the rules, what is the way to rush? Today, we will analyze the things about installing the cold parts on the electric vehicle.

What is the electric car royal to the cold rain?

The so-called electric vehicle royal cold rain fitting is some windshield, parasol, and windshield.


Can the wind are in the electric vehicle?

In a two-wheeled electric vehicle, some windshields are sealed, windshield, etc., there is a certain safety hazard, according to some provisions in the “Road Traffic Safety Law” in the People’s Republic of China, Allow installed.

What are the safety hazards of windshields, windshields and umbrellas?

The first windshield is:

The windshield is fixed, and the two ropes on the wind are fixed on the car of the vehicle. So the safety system of the fixed brake is installed on the car, which is affected by the windshield rope, it is very likely that the brakes are pulled In the end, this undoubtedly affects the safety of electric vehicles.

Second windshield:

The windshield is a very exaggerated way, installing a semi-shack-like windshield on the electric vehicle, not only lost the value of the electric car, but also affects the power of electric vehicles to turn direction. Sex, there is a very large safety hazard.


The third umbrella:

This windshield is more exaggerated, and an electric car “falling umbrella” is alive. It does not stop the wind and rain. Instead, it has brought resistance to the electric vehicle, there is a very safe hidden danger.

Many places to rectify the electric vehicle to rectify the vehicle, windshield, and umbrellas


However, as some relevant management regulations of the new national electric bicycle began implementation, major cities have strengthened the illegal acts of electric vehicles, and some of these royal “decorations” on electric vehicles will be blocked. The car is helpful, and verbally warned persuasion.

These external additions, in the driving process, there is a very great resistance, in fact, there is no effect on the rain and the wind, and the small editor is considered to be personal psychological factors, and it is not necessary to affect their own driving safety for these additional components.


Since it is not possible to add windshield, windshield or umbrella, is there any other way to rush?


The answer is of course, in addition to using knee pads, gloves, helmets, etc. can also wear cold clothes, which effectively improved the sensitivity of driving, very effective, reducing some unnecessary accidents, such a cold way It is a real way to rush.


Plum summary:

Xiaobian believes that the real fashion, as mentioned above, we can take gloves, kneeks, safety helmets or anti-cold clothes, this is the true rushing method, neither illegal, can be cold; install the wind Windshield and umbrellas affect both driving safety, and can’t play a lot of role in rain and men, and violate some provisions in the traffic law. This behavior is not available.


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