Sling skirt OUT! Today, the hollow skirt, fever

Sisters are good, recently Guangzhou is hot, I have already put on the sling, shorts, sandals, hahaha ~


Summer wants to wear fashionable, one is one thing

Skin care



This is for us

Small child

It is especially important, revealing legs, revealing, not only cooling.

Speaking of the skin, many sisters are a tearful tears, the legs are too thick, how much meat is not suitable for?

If you are all in general, then I recommend you try.

Waist hollow design skirt

Although it is a waist, this design is compared to the direct exposure of a short jacket.

Higher the bag contraction of the body


While it is good to look like a slightly fative girl.

This is the same person, how to drive the waist, and the final effect is not a lot.


In addition, this design is hidden,

Spend a dark sexy

Everyday wear is not afraid of walking.



Rose, Wu Xuanyi, Yan Shu Xin, a small flower

All grabbed the way to take love, sweet and spicy style, even my straight gathers can’t resist it. . .

This design seems that it seems impossible.

But the body is modified against the sky.

The angle of the hollow on both sides of the waist is generally


Visually, I feel that your waist is wrapped in the area.

Look at the waist, the side of the side will be thin, look for you


The waist button is better


, Unevenness.


H-shaped body

Sisters should wear this hollow skirt, tablet


It is a second thing.


Waist hollow design not only allows you to go on top, but also

Save a wide dress

For example, this year is very hot, the princess dress is good, but it is not friendly to the microves, but after the waist is open,



It is easier to control.

There is also a big breast and a bears.

Loose long T-shirt

After adding hollow, the body seems to be reduced, the chest is the waist, it is absolutely ~


This kind of skirt seems to not pick up the body, in fact, there is a mine area.

How to pick up the donkey?


1 preferred hollow position in the rib

Silver body, have a small belly, I suggest you choose a hollow position in the style of the rib.

The hollow is in the middle of the waist, just expose the most fleshy place, and


Ribs are our most thinner position

, A little fat girl is wearing it.

Even if you sit down, you will not worry about the meat, the safety is full ~


The hollow position can also be visually pulled directly to the waist line, which is more profitable than the ordinary skirt, and the small child is full.

2 Don’t buy a hollow too big

For the perspective of real wear,


Cutout a little more daily

Going to work in class is OK.

The least pick-up

Little showing a little waistline makes you more trendy, this big power is passed through.

Slightly bigger, ok, sexy, very pure, is very sultry ~

In fact, I prefer

Waist to the back


The front is flat, and the side is another scenery. Others will say: this woman is something

3 fluffy style is more thin

Good sisters are just wearing, but you

There is a little meat on the waist, the thigh is thick, but the ass


… I recommend you to buy a styles that fluffy.

for example

Waist princess dress

I showcased small waist and I can secretly touch the small belly, but I can’t see it. Is it very good? !


Cool one can choose


Suits hollow dress

, A word pleated to a suit, add a sweet sense, easy to control much.


Walking the long hollow skirt

Hurry up, let’s get a short hair, the goddess is there.

2, how do you wear a personal style?

1 Dew Skirt + Accessories


Although onepiece’s night skirt is simple, it is not possible to scatter.

I don’t know how to make it, you can consider

Add a headband

And sweet and sweet, can also increase cranial top.

Tie mea head, high horsetail

It is easier to create a “small fairy” feel.

Hand can

Slim twist


, Proper princess Feel, playing on the weekend, and the grass, the garden is superior.

I really don’t want to toss directly.

Daring baseball cap


Let’s make a simple amount.

2 dew skirt + neutral wind shoes


The skirt itself is much smuggling, don’t cross the sexy stiletto shoes, it is easy to use.

Neutral wind shoes can be more likely to have its sweetness.


Take a sports shoes


, Leisure and comfortable, the class commutation is very suitable.

Waist skirt + leg socks + thick shoes


Single shoes YYDS, I have been tired. No matter how many pounds, wear black legs socks can immediately turn thin.

Bird legs can be replaced

White or lace

Legs, pure women’s wadows.

Not afraid of boring babies,

Martin boots

It is your natural dish, and then a personality animal grain bag, oh … more hot ~

Ugly sandals are also good looking, taking the same color sock, typical literary girl.

Long Dew Skirts are more elegant, very suitable for large-scale


Sandals, Muller shoes,

It looks lazy.

Small child wearing a long skirt election foot is


Transparent PVC material


The more legal length.

In addition, the hollowed skirt, the underwear should not wear ordinary BRA,


, Look good, not taken.