After a 70-year-old woman, dressed in winter know “scarf scarves embellished Law”, will be more elegant and refined

For the average person outfit has a great influence on body image, even a lot of time, your dress clean and sophisticated, in order to present a part of your elegance, rather than the old-fashioned Yuechuan Yue, this has nothing to do age.

Many elderly people over the age of 70, know how to help outfit to modify itself, the same can improve the external image, especially when carried out with the basic models, you can use scarves or scarf to highlight the sense of the details. This winter, a woman over 70 years old, know how to dress “decorated scarves scarves Law”, will be more elegant and refined, take a look at the foreign lady with 70+ demonstration of it!

First, why choose scarves, scarves?

In fact, winter can be used to shape a lot of decorative accessories, like hats, earrings, sweater chain clavicle chains, bracelets, watches, and even many bags can enhance the integrity of the dress, but most still recommend scarves and scarves.

1, simple and practical do not pick people

The most important reason is that such scarves scarves and accessories with simple and convenient, directly or tied around her neck on it, even free ride in her arms, but also can create elegant and casual effect, most the elderly control it and no difficulty.

Plus most of the scarves are more practical, able to combine the closet most of the single product, not as the need for echo and clothes like other accessories, and scarves are not only decorative, but also warm winter magic.

2, refined and elegant and stylish

Second choice scarf or scarves, or because such accessories style is relatively fixed, regardless of the kind of style or color, out of the effects are created by an elegant fashion oriented.

For some of the older and take the simple route and elegant woman with a coat or sweater combination of them, do not worry with too abrupt, giving a sense of clutter.

Second, the specific use of scarves

Scarf is both elegant and stylish and sophisticated, especially for use with the base models of, like wearing a coat or sweater, scarf election will not go wrong 70+ elderly, the premise is to pick models, with the right mix.

1, choose a small area of ​​printed scarves


How to become the elderly make scarves to enhance the personal temperament weapon? The answer is both delicate and not select some exaggerated style scarf, like the use of bright colors and large prints superimposed scarves, comparatively outdated, easy to wear clothing “Aunt sense.”

Above this match is worth learning template, blue printed scarves small area not only make the dress more lively and vivid colors, good control, echoing a touch of sophistication and blue sweater.

2, color echo

Pure color scarves least error-prone, but more older people to pursue playful, elegant and stylish, but also recommend printed scarves or scarf wave point, but with the aid of color to echo to emphasize the overall sense of dress.

Particularly black white white black Bosi wave or towels, or black coat with a black coat, emitting a thick overall dress French style.

3, scarves enhance the sense of depth


Most scarves are used to decorate the neck area, to make up for the problem with too monotonous, but for the elderly, you can also hem silk scarf into the jacket inside, so not only warm, but also make dressing richer level.

The simplest is to select the color of the jacket or sweater echoing scarves may be clever use of color and light the collision shape.

Third, the specific use of scarves

Scarf scarves has a more than excellent thermal effects, and practical joker, also worth 70 + older people to try.


1, natural drape scarves


Scarves Department of Law and diverse, which makes the end of the scarf drape naturally take on both sides of the law, can exhibit free and easy casual effect, it is suitable for some of the older and temperament hearty and generous woman, create a casual and comfortable feeling.

The best choice shawl scarves class, can free ride on the shoulders of rich dressing level, it is suitable for basic models with a sweater.

2, color echo method

On scarves color echoes, mainly refers to the choice and take the jacket of the same color or style scarf, such as here with a camel coat, camel camel sweater with a scarf, on the whole more coordinated sense.

Here is also more scarves Department of Law recommended, not only elegant but also warm face significantly small.


3, hit color method


For the 70+ have some skills with the elderly, you can hit the color method to enhance the sense of fashion, such as selecting overlay stitching design style scarf, or select a color contrasting shirt and scarf.

This enables the scarf dress become the crowning touch, makes you look younger.

After a 70-year-old woman in winter outfit in order to help to improve the temperament, you can make use of a mix of a lot of skill, but the easiest is to start from scarves, scarves, build and beautiful and warm personal image!

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