How to choose a household bath

How to choose a home bath?


▪ The ordinary family is recommended to be embedded in a bathtub, which is small in area, convenient to clean, and durable.

▪ Pursue fashion, and the bathroom space is sufficient, you can consider installing a separate bathtub.

▪ The budget is limited, but it is very good to take a bath, the acrylic embedded bath is very suitable for you.

▪ Pursue quality, TUI recommended iron tub, stronger and dedication, using it for decades.

▪ Multi-gold and value, you can choose to make a stone bathtub, and the texture is also HIN beautiful.

Bathtub material

▪ ️️保 Performance: Acrylic> Artificial Stone> Cast Iron

▪ Mounting difficulty: cast iron> Artificial stone> Acrylic

▪ Material hardness: Cast Iron> Artificial Stone> Acrylic

▪ Hardness: Cast Iron> Acrylic> Artificial Stone

▪ Comfortable use: Acrylic> Artificial Stone> Cast Iron

▪ Cleaning Easy: Acrylic> Cast Iron> Artificial Stone

See size:


▪ Pay attention to the bathroom area before picking the bathtub, and the area determines the size of the bathtub. Plan a place in advance, be sure to make sure you can put down and have a certain walking space. Then pay attention to the size of the bathtub. There is at least one of the long-width heights to be narrower than the door, otherwise the bathtub will not enter the door.

▪ The beauty of the bathroom is small but I want to install the bathtub, I can consider the MINI sitting on the bath, covering an area of ​​less than one square, better utilization space.

See the function:

If you have massage, you can choose the jacuzzi. However, it should be noted that the massage function is not only high, but also has certain requirements for water pressure and electricity, avoiding blind buying.

Look at the surface: The quality of the material is good, and the surface is smooth and smooth, and there is a gloss.

Look at the thickness and strongest: the thickness and weight and weight of the cylinder wall are proportional. In the physical store purchase, you can use your fingers to tap the bathtub to judge the thickness. If you purchase online, you can pay more attention to the Chinese bad review.

Bathtub bath consideration

Precautions before bath:

· Bath water temperature, too high, is not good, it is best to be slightly higher than body temperature, pay attention not to more than 40 °, avoid water temperature over high burns skin.

· Don’t take a bath before the meal, don’t come back after a meal. Because in bathou, energy consumption can be accelerated. I will be istimate when I have a good time.

Precautions when bathing:

· Drink some tea when you take a bath, eat some fruit snack supplement energy. But it is best not to drink, in case it is drunk or there is a certain safety hazard.

· The bath time should not be too long, enough within 30 minutes.

Finally, give a small apartment, but it is also a small partner of the bath. It is recommended to take a bathtub, Vancoco’s little beautiful bathtub, which is a mini bathtail, covering an area of ​​one square, its cylinder wall is thin. And very deep, so water can be covered. The height of the bubble area is 15cm, which is also very convenient to take a bath to the child. On both sides, the right angle of the reliable wall is seamless, and there is no cleaning angle to better care. Also bring your faucet, and you can pull the shower, so you can take a shower directly, and the cleaning bath is also very convenient.