“Shenwu 4” computer version: Million Guards

The gods of the gods, accompany you to the Guanghua prosperity, your big fat bear is back ~

《神武4》电脑版:百万护符天蓬令人垂涎 血狐灵竟不打高强壮

“Shenwu 4” computer version has a wealth of pets, with a high-quality pet is very important for players, it can not only make the players’ daily efficiency improve, but also play a fantastic effect in PK, today’s fat bear takes everyone together Go and see the pets of your small partners, go to find your own pet, help your pet.

First debut, the greedy, 1555 officers are not excellent, so in the 1624 foreign language is very bright, add some of this greedy to choose physical fitness, power double plus, made a blood to get rid of the wolf . In terms of booking books, high-strength, high-strength two panel books, high momentum increase damage, high-quality, and the ability to increase survivability, and restraint skills are selected. This greedy wolf also uses a low-level hunger on the nautical attack skills. This skill can make the pet in a single goal, 20% of the enemy’s retreat damage to the enemy. 40% damage. Seeing the description seems to be a characteristic of a greedy outbreak of the greedy wolf, but consider the overall angle of trigger stability, and trigger a multi-segment counterattack and struggle, if other excellent guards can be considered again.

It is said that the smashing of the cattle, let’s take a look at this bloody fox, this foxley has a 5859 qi and 715 spiritual power, and the panel attribute is not bad. In terms of skill, this bloody pet does not hit the panel book of high strength, but chooses high luck to improve the capacity of survival, and the output is the high-law, high-spirited, high-end poison, and high resistance In today’s Tuanshi King’s version, high retrays can also cause a part of the enemy’s characters. When you have bloody pets, you can also hit a high-resistance and indirectly increase the output of blood pets. In addition, this Fox Linger also has two restraint skills, and if the fat bear seems to change a restraint to high strength, after all, 134 pets, add a 586 gas Blood is still quite fragrant.

Finally, let’s take a look at this Pan, which has a million nursing. This is a blood resistant three-dimensional route. Under the high strength, high-strength blessings, the blood properties reached 3434, the attack power reached 1959, plus 1230 The overall property of 1230 has output and survive in the 129 level card stage. In the book, this turbine is more biased to everyday, and the survival skills selection high-level God bless, the restraint skill is the high sneak attack, and the high brave also provides anti-standing and night battle capabilities. Of course, this is the brightest eye of the pherend, and it is also a million talkers. The high must be dazzling. The fat bear is not too acid.

《神武4》电脑版:百万护符天蓬令人垂涎 血狐灵竟不打高强壮

Look at everyone’s various pets, do you want to go to the stage to show it? I also want everyone to see the style of my pet, don’t be shy and make your pet show, maybe the next “on TV” It’s you.

《神武4》电脑版:百万护符天蓬令人垂涎 血狐灵竟不打高强壮

Ok, I will come here today, I will pay attention to it, let’s talk about it tomorrow ~