200 yuan GET big name with the down jacket! 90% white duck velvet fill, windproof, cold … wearing a warm

Really, the weather is really changeable, many small partners said,


I still wear short sleeves last week, and I started to replace the down jacket today.


The down jacket does need it to be prepared, but the quality of the down jacket on the market is uneven.

The 5,600 filled in a treasure is cotton.

, Warmth is not enough; slightly

A good down jacket, you will have thousands of pieces.

Ok, let me find Fila Fiyerong Tong Factory –

Siminana couple bread down jacket,


Really white ducklings


,not only

Warm, and wild, wearing.


because of


Factory direct sales, no brand premium,

The price is also very cost-effective.


As long as more than 200, it is simply the king of cost performance.

This Siminana couple bread down jacket,

Fiile with windproof, cold, cold fabric + selected high quality white duck,

Contuls of velvets more than 90%

It can resist zero low temperature.


Note: International Snack Standards: 70% – Directory, 80% – Cold Level, 90% – Optimality, No 100% Snacks!

The down jacket is behind, and it is also specially used black technology silver film composites.


The absorption of infrared light is converted to the heat of the human body.


When wearing it in winter,

All the sunlight absorbed in the back is converted to heat, and the body feels warm.

* The picture shows the black scientific silver film, and the rear backing film can absorb infrared rays.

SIMINANA couple bread down jacket men and women have 2 options:


Hooded, stand-collar,

Two styles are concave stylish shape.

Established 249 yuan, with a hat model 269 yuan,

There are also a variety of colors to pick, give yourself and your husband, go out to the street return rate!



Recommended reason:

1, 90% white duck fill, fluffy super national standard, one top 3 pieces

2, FILA Fiile with high-density fabric, waterproof wind, snow, wind, is not afraid


Rear backing whole high-tech Kimtex silver film, absorbing infrared light into heat, providing warmth for the human body

4, anti-running velvet cutting,

Precision sewing without rockery

5, 3 kinds of style, five colors, wear people

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90% high quality white duck fill fill

Ultra-warm ultra light, to warm the winter

Three factors that determine the cost of down jackets mainly:

The whole down jacket contains velvet, down material, and duquity.

This down jacket


There is no virtual standard parameter, more than 80% of the down jacket.


The mouth said that there is no durability, directly exploiting down jackets.


White duck velvet, fluff, branch,

Subsone is soft and silent.

Not only duvet,


Fluffy is also far from international standards, actually surpass 600

(The fluffy can be more than 550 or more, it can be called “excellent”).

Here you must focus on explanation:


The down jacket is maintained at the air,

The bigger the fluffy, the more you lock the air.

. The cold air outside is can’t come, and the air is not going.

Natural warming


In addition to these, the Siminana couple bread down jacket is also adopted.



Technology KIMTEX Silver Film


Whole film is bonded to the down jacket

Silver film absorbs infrared to heat, the body feels warm.

* Specially reversed down jacket display kimtex silver film

In order to verify how good it is, I put it.

A bag of ice is hugging

2 minutes later,


down jacket

External temperature has been low to blue



Is it still hot red?

, Anti-cold warm ability is really one.

90% pure white ducklings and high floss, external black technology composite silver film,

Put on this down jacket, the more wear it.

Fiilei Fabric fabric, waterproof

Care for every inch skin, I don’t feel uncomfortable.

We all know that the warm performance of the down jacket is lasting.

It is in that it runs without ridiculous: only if you don’t have a risk, you can wear it in winter.


Siminana couple bread down jacket, in order to prevent drill down, selected


High-density polyester fabric of Fiileong Factory


The fibers are very fine.

And combined with special

Encryption textile technology


Prevent duvets from running out from the pin.

* Machine plus sewing, anti-drilling

In addition to this, the clothes are added


Reserved in the layers,


Fabric layer

Just like sandwiches,

Firmly “fix” live white duck fill layer

Prevent fluffs from drilling out.

So what to do,

I don’t see a duck running!

The fabric also made a prevention water coating.

When the water drops falls into the down jacket, it will form a water droplets and will not penetrate into the clothes.

The rain and snow are not afraid, and the down jacket will not be wet, and it can temporarily block the rain.


Note: “Sprinkle” is not equal to “waterproof”. If it is raining for a long time or soaked in water, it may have water into the water.


Details of the down jacket are also super Nice,

The neighborhood has been added to the neighborhood, and the edge stretch strip is tightened.

Micro-elastic fabrics are also used in the cuffs.

Winter is not afraid of cold air to drill into the clothes.

The outer pocket is also added


Invisible zipper, zipper smooth, usually do not afraid of falling out.

Although only more than 200 pieces,

Warm, color, detail, quality is passed.

I bought two pieces, my husband and I have spent five hundred pieces.

Going out of the door to wear a couple, and it is still a good time.

3 style, trendy wild

Contracting the warmth of the whole winter

This time I brings you 3:

Rounded + hooded down jacket, and a down vest,

The material is the same, the style is different, but it is simple and generous.


In autumn and winter alternate season, stacked in a coat or windbreaker,

It is not fat while keeping warm.

Down jarn hat ¥ 269

High collar hooded, hat design looks more leisure,


When the weather is cold, wear a hat directly, which is warm.

Unlike previous down-service version, the rear exhibits outlineless arcs, and the meat is slim.

Even if a small child can also control, how many winter will not be out of time.

Down clothing collection ¥ 249

A high collar, there is a little dump in the collar. When the sky is cold, pull the zipper to the top.

The cold wind will not push into your neck!

The settlement is completely clean and neat, more spiritual, and

The generous settles are more friendly, which is suitable for the people of different ages.

There are five colors of the hat and the settles:

Tibetan green, mountain green, crystal ash, brick red, mocha black.

These five colors are super good, don’t worry about wearing in winter.

Down vest ¥ 199


The cold daily wants to be light and warm, except down jackets,

The fashionable vest is also a good choice, and the northern friends can now wear.

It can only be single, and it can be “quiet” in the clothes,

The version is relaxed and comfortable, not picking up, and there is no sense of binding.


The same fill is


90% white duck, wearing body and warm,

Flexible activity is active.

There are 5 colors of 5 colors:

The “bright color” that hundreds of white, black, and autumn and winter will make people look bright.

This 90% white ducklings, and warm and beautiful down jackets, if you buy it online, you have to have a thousand eight hundred pieces, and now you can buy 4 or 5 pieces in a brand down jacket.


If you can’t encounter the price, what are you waiting for, hurry up,

Give your parents, buy more than a few pieces, start this wave

Couples hit the hat, the height of the collar is a high weight reference table ↓


Down vest metrical table ↓

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