Anta overbearing hand in Wang Yibo launched a new 3.0 series of casual shoes – because so fond of “hegemony”

This summer, upgrade again ANTA brand classic series of high-handed, overbearing launched a new 3.0 series of casual shoes. The tribute to the classic series of shoes, regression straight line design 1.0 series, the use of light function design, build summer street fashions.

安踏携手王一博 推出全新霸道3.0系列休闲鞋——因为酷爱 所以“霸道”

ANTA global chief spokesman Wang Yibo on foot overbearing 3.0 series of shoes (left graffiti section, right is tannin paragraph)

安踏携手王一博 推出全新霸道3.0系列休闲鞋——因为酷爱 所以“霸道”

As he declared the same paragraph official sportswear, global chief spokesman Wang Yibo, the overbearing 3.0 series graffiti tannins money selling hot, quickly sold out already in the pre-sale stage.

安踏携手王一博 推出全新霸道3.0系列休闲鞋——因为酷爱 所以“霸道”

Graffiti inspired by models from the fiery atmosphere of the festival, in conjunction with the ANTA LOGO graffiti style elements to design a unique pattern, full of passion and restlessness Summer Music Festival; with very complicated technology on the water transfer process, only showing the most good color effects.

Unlike graffiti section of red and white color, tannins models combine historical attractions lanes and Fujian, using the blue represents the sea and the unique ancient sailing brown stitching around the sense of denim, the denim with each kinds of styles of embroidery and into the upper, stitching interpretation of the classic style; selection of unique special bags mesh material, the virtual edge line of the car perfect combination of design, showing a rich visual effects.

3.0 overbearing family (left graffiti section, right is tannin paragraph)

Unlike the previous series of focus groups of high-handed, overbearing 3.0 more emphasis on color through its own story, overbearing expression meaning, Kuroishi money is one of them. The shoes use marbling process, resulting in lines of its unique ratio so that each pair of shoes marble texture is unique, the design team on this process after almost 30 times to try and proportion, only to color to the paragraph available.

3.0 overbearing series models Kuroishi

Anta heart of marine environmental protection, but also with the World Wildlife Fund WWF jointly launched a high-handed ocean blue paragraph 3.0, matching the color of the ocean using a clean, white plastic products with a sense of transparency, in the end a sense of embellishment ink dot pattern, as float biological diversity in the ocean, the upper wire part, toe, shoes, yarns are made of recyclable eco-friendly materials, intended to arouse public attention to environmental protection.

3.0 overbearing series marine blue color

Anta overbearing design inspiration 3.0, combined with the high-handed modular design, the use of upper division concept, using popular design approach, the full integration of the traditional retro complicated structure. Upper follow the creative design director Robbie Fuller’s “island design” style, TPU suspended over the entire surface to help, like the Mediterranean, seemingly independent, but full of interaction and association. Shoes shading design elements extracted 3.0, presented as an Arabic numeral “three”, and every word has a shoe soles: “the first generation of BADAO was born in 2002”, in honor of 2002 the birth of the first generation of high-handed basketball shoes.

3.0 overbearing series shading design

From 2002 the first pair of basketball shoes overbearing available, and today 19 years later, overbearing family times, innovation, transformation experienced several family members increasing growth – 1.0 overbearing overbearing engraved basketball shoes classic rough elements, from the high-handed to the basketball court to the streets; overbearing 2.0 upgrade Yen value overbearing family; overbearing Wei Feng is the perfect combination of Chinese wind and tide; overbearing 3.0 adhere to the “high-handed and then a little” give each color a more complete design story, extend the use of scenarios to skateboarding, hip-hop, and more yuan street areas, have begun to taste light performance style, overbearing family never stopped the pace of innovation.

Overbearing series of ancient manuscripts design (for the generation of left, right is three generations)

安踏携手王一博 推出全新霸道3.0系列休闲鞋——因为酷爱 所以“霸道”

For overbearing family, “hegemony” is not arbitrariness, unreasonable, but dominate the party in their respective fields, so that their love known to the public. Overbearing family always adhere to the first generation of high-handed basketball shoes “will achieve the ultimate professional,” the spirit, at the same time, look to the breakthrough, Chinese and foreign designers of continuous innovation, high-handed style street trend carries multi-cultural collision and fusion. Anta overbearing color was 3.0 part series Lynx flagship store Anta, Anta official website under the line store full sale, search for “Anta overbearing” more available information, so stay tuned.

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