These interesting hotel creative is too big!

This May Day holiday, do you want to vent your thoughts, purify your mind? I believe that you are hard to find a place much more interesting than these creative hotels, even if it is a daze, it can also rise into a high-grade thing.

“Wonderful creativity, the most unique”, bold ideas make these hotels different, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!


1. Costa Rica Hotel (Costa Rica)

What is the feeling of putting a retired Boeing 727 aircraft in Costa Rica? .

2. Mirror Hostel (Penset City, Pennsylvania)

This hotel can be easily found in the air accommodation, and the mirror is inserted everywhere, reflecting a very amazing effect.

3. 老 帕 帕 埃 (France)


Although there are only five rooms, it is definitely a place where people have become very unique. The designer divided the room into two, while filled with pure white, strong contrast is very interesting.


4. Palm Country Hotel (Hong Kong)

No matter where to travel, the hotel must be a focus object being considered. Take a $ 122 in Palm Country Hotel, a one-night is a absolute value.

5. Boot Hotel (New Zealand)

There is a chance to live in the shoes, do you live? !

6. Floating Inn (Tanzania)


Located in the Mana Resort in Sanjiba, this hotel is designed with Swiss engineers, a total of three floors, partially floating on the water, partially lurking in the water. In the evening, you sleep in the house, fish sleep outside the house. . .

7. Train Club (California Asia)

This hotel is a national treasure world in the air, in this stationary car, there is a bed, a fireplace, a little kitchenette like California King, and a little bit of a patio can be lying.


8. Langdino Lighthouse (Wales)

For those who love the sea, the lighthouse is a good choice, and the 360 ​​° all sea scenery will make you see it.


9. Glass House (Finland)

Why is the travelers who are willing to take the initiative to enter the grenade? Because it can be seen while sleeping.

10. Steve’s Backyard (Califaka)

It looks very … break! but! Some people know that some people are good, so $ 40 is one night, and they will decline.

11. Ecological Hostel (Sweden)

This is a true living in “Earth”, live in nature, hehehehe. . . .

12. Bubbleball (France)

I can’t sleep, the star on the day is good, anyway, the mosquito worm can’t come.

13. Nimo captain hut (France)

In the huts of the captain of the Nimod, it will become the role of the Confucian Versaili novel. You can also play the parrot when bored.


14. Miramilla (Australia)


I still can’t live, I can’t live, I still can’t live. . . Stay!


15. Selika Old Prison Hotel (Ljubljana)

Yes, the world’s first trend hotel Selika is transformation of prison. Seeing this will definitely be jumped out to tell this place! how can! Then, it is a predetermined discussion, Barabala? But it is a fire, and it is also a good fire!

16. Capsule Hotel (Netherlands)


If you are looking for a relatively cheap space shuttle, then these capsules are very suitable for you, saying that you can sleep on the shore and find yourself through the 1970s.


17. Free Hotel (Boston)


Luxury hotels made from Charles Street Prison, with top bars.

18. Box (Spain)

Big wooden box hotel, I am tired of playing the salted egg superman in a small wooden box, I will thrown myself into the big wooden box ($ 109 / late).

20. Mirror Cube House (Sweden)

Please observe carefully. Here is more than just a room, but a tree house that reflects multi-dimensional data through a rim.

21. Draft Hall 5050 Hotel (Poznan, Poland)

Art is also an adventure. A conceptual lobby, no front desk, black and white striped floor, enlarged geometry assembled together to bombing the eye of every checkor.

22. Collect House (New York, Brooklyn)

Have the opportunity to go to New York, you must take a look at the hotel that hoards various items.

23. Fashion Inn (United Kingdom, London)

Stir the rock into the wall, the color of the bright color and the pattern will evoke the sleeping music cells in the body.

24. Hay House (Netherlands)

Trying the President Hotel, try the Wonderful Hotel, then the grass house? Any furniture in the house includes the bed, the table stool is true straw, it is really luxurious!


25. Hotel, Italy (Milan, Italy)


There are many signatures and angular patterns, unparalleled design and superior geographic locations, uncomfortable!

26. Shell house (Women’s Island, Mexico)

This is not a fairy tale, because there is a fairy tale in the shell.


27. Sparrow (United Kingdom)


To put it bluntly, it is a tree house, so the tree house is very common in the UK, you can sit in the house to say hello to friends on another tree.

28. Forest Hotel (Chile)

Weeds are full of quaint and mottled internal furnishings make people think of the scenes in the sci-fi movie, as if the dwarf will come out at any time.


29. Das Park Hotel (Austria, Australia)


Perhaps the water is not a good place, but in 2004 Andreas Strauss designed it into a bedroom, and became a highlight of the eye.


30. Trojan House (Belgium)


Designer DominiQue Noel finds a child’s story from all over the world, and sets it to build it. Trojan Horse is a classic representative.


31. Shaker (California)

Another treasure in the air accommodation is this shaker in California, just 65 dollars you can take yourself as Wang Hao here for a night.

32.V8 Hotel (Stuttgart, Germany)


The bed of the car is dedicated to all car enthusiasts.


33. Yankeece ship ship (Hoboken, New Jersey)

This is the legendary four seas! Transform the ship into a hotel, a colorful hotel room, just like moving the entire circus to the ship.


34. Hotels with wings (Stockholm, Switzerland)

It is said that many people have a plane complex, taking into account this Jumbo Hostel alone with a retired Boeing 747 to the hotel to meet the overnight demand of the aircraft control.


35. Submarine Hotel (Liverpool, England)

Following a group of Beatles playing rock in Liverpool Albert dock during the day while drilling into the submarine in the evening. Such a life, you will be happy to stay here for a few days.


36. Bonn Camp (Bonn, Germany)

Every time I go to the underground parking lot, I will not help the fantasy in the parking lot for a day. The design philosophy of Poen Camp is to surround the underground parking lot.


37. BOC Capsule Tower (Tokyo, Japan)


This historic hotel is located in Tokyo, although the bathing equipment is insufficient, it is worth a view.

38. Military Prison (Latvia, Russia)

Honestly, the hotel owner should let each checkpoint sign a check-in agreement. Otherwise, who will spend so much money to live a haunted old military prison.

39. Cave (Farmington, New Mexico)

Even if the cave, it still has a bed with a light with breakfast. Of course, there is no heart that you have heart.

40. Suitcase Hostel (Lundeau, Germany)

Have you heard a advertisement word, install it, the world is yours. Now, you can also put yourself into the Li box package.


41. Whiteport Hotel (Switzerland)


Built in the Alps Hotel, the house is outside the world, with a 7-kilometer private ski resort, which can be reached by a private ski lift.


42. Aibao Paradise Hotel (Paris, France)

It is a bedroom combination of hotels, the biggest feature is that it will “slip” everywhere. If you hit it on the street, hurry to see if there is any empty room to stay.

43. Mental Hotel (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The external, exquisite interior, “spiritual hotel” ranked first in Bratisla.

44. Sugar Hotel (Quebec, Canada)

44 sets of sculpture rooms, from virtual no art, glory. The hotel is only operating in winter, and each time is designing a group of different artists.

45. Lavra Hut (Nante, France)

Seeing that the little hamster in your home is desperate to experience some feelings in the wheel. Now the French hamster cage lives for one night. Including the organic grain “Mini Bar” left on the hamster cage, there is a big pedal operation of the faucet and a large wooden chip bath.

46. ​​Perilo Hotel (Brighton, United Kingdom)


Format Theme Collection Featured Hotel, the picture is a “knit” body room, everything in the room covers a layer of yarns, all of which are completely entangled by the yarn.


47. Salt Palace (Ukany, Bolivia)

A hotel built with salt bricks, located in Rabas, Bolivia, near the world’s largest salt alkali beach Uyuni salt bristles. This hotel uses 1 million salt bricks, while the hotel’s rule is “can’t kiss with the wall.”

48. Museum Hotel (Sicily, Italy)


This museum hotel looks like a paper boat …

49. Solomte Castle (England)


When “getting rid of this” means away from the city, now there is a place to let you take a thorough lonely. These castles were initially designed and built in the late 1800s, transformed from the Navy base for defending ports and can only pass private yachts and helicopters.


50. Drilling Reline Resort (Ma Bajima, Malaysia)


I want to know what I feel in a petroleum drilling platform? Don’t be stupid, don’t have to go to the oil drilling platform to experience, hurry to buy a ticket to Malaysia, you have the opportunity to feel.

51. Capadoza Cave Premium Boutique Suites (Turkey)


If your childhood is not walked through the cave, it is too sorry. If you live in the tree house, try to try the Capado Cave, don’t look at a cave, but the decoration is super luxury.

52. Ice Celebrity Hotel (Yucas Abiel, Sweden)

It looks like a grand ceremony of a grand vampire royal.

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