Eral Ai Lai, China Fashion Down Service Wind

Once, the advantage of the Chinese apparel industry lies in production and processing. Even after a consciousness in the 1990s, China’s brand is mostly the followers of the trend. Today, in the process of creation and leading the trend, Chinese brands are constantly obtaining voice. China’s fashion industry is entering a new development period, China’s elements, China design, and China face is increasingly concerned in global fashion industry. On the international stage of the fashion industry, Chinese brands and designers have become a participant from the visitor, and this change has a certain extent of the hard strength of the Chinese fashion industry.

Founded in 1997, Airai has continuously accumulated the development potential in 20 years, successfully created the first-decreasing of the down jacket, and became the wind direction of China’s fashion down jacket. In 2004, we took the same brand women to the whole season and the internationalization strategic layout. Only subverting traditional thinking and development paths can be deeply involved in the fashion industry pattern. For this reason, Airai has entered a variety of fissile periods, product categories, design, materials, technical processes, etc.

“ERAL”, interprets people’s perceptions of the inner and world, advocating “Lohas” positive attitude, and is a true and fresh life pursuit. “Eral” is Airayi’s belief in clothing and fashion, but also understanding and respect for people.


Ai Lei breaks the imprisonment of the down material, gets rid of the bloated profile, leads the down jacket in the fashion trend of the down jacket with a beautiful line, a variety of deconstruction and rodification.


Ai Lei is deedy in capturing flock, integrating into brand style, forming unique adjustments. Exclusively use special edition of specialty, customized woven, etc. Ai Lai’s duvet has been 120 degrees high temperature disinfection, no odor, with a sharp drop of 90%, high fluffy, and better guarantees the warmth, lightweight and easy receptiveness of the down jacket. The four-layer structure production process and Japanese import ultrafine ruth repellent needle are used, and the whole clothing pin is unified, and the needle pitch of 11 to 13 pins per 3 cents is reinforced with warm performance and anti-drilling performance. The clothes are all copied, and the phenomenon of cracking and drilling after being washed, and the phenomenon of drilling. Ai Lei is committed to the ultimate pursuit of product improvement, and promoting the continuous innovation of the fashion down jacket industry.

Aili will work across the boundaries to cooperate with many super IPs, personalized, young, and creative. In the autumn and winter in the autumn and winter, Hellokitty and Swarovski launched a cross-border cooperation to launch a joint series. The artistic style of the British Museum, the rock personality of Hellokitty, Swarovski’s exquisite and elegant, and released in Aile.

Ai Liyi has been adhering to the ultimate pursuit and innovation of the down dress, and the young consumers who dares to make dares and dare to fail and use the courage to pursue success. The people who have quality pursuit and fashion attitude. Ai Lai Lie is the leader who promotes the progress of the Chinese down jacket industry progress, in the past, the future is still!

On October 18, Aira will shine the twenty-fourth China International Down Expo and Changshu Autumn Winter Fashion Week. What surprises will be brought about by the scene.

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