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By: Abdul Muis

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When the words business bags for men are mentioned, most of you probably think about bulky laptop bags from stiff leather with three layers or leather briefcases that look really formal and somewhat one dimensional. On the contrary, more casual bags such as messenger bags are viewed as accessories more suitable for students, part timers or men who work at fields that are usually not related to formal styles such as art. Kenneth Cole changed those perspectives by introducing Reaction, a messenger bag with both formal and casual style elements blended flawlessly into one bag, makes it perfect for both anyone. 

Finally, slinging your bag over your shoulder and torso no longer represents less serious business themes. This bag looks formal enough to carry to workplaces with formal atmosphere, and trendy enough to carry to less formal working place. This also makes good bag for busy students who need a bag large enough for all the books, stationery items, laptop and other documents for the paper projects.  

Overview of Kenneth Cole Business Bags :

Like any other messenger business bags, Kenneth Cole Reaction business bags have long shoulder strap and hand handle. The bag is made of high quality leather and there is dark brown color, so it is not a traditional men business bags color but still looks ‘serious’ enough (although you can find color options of black and tan). The strap is wide so it feels comfortable on the shoulder and has adjustment buckle in the middle. The front has Velcro cover and small pocket to hold stationery items. The bag has total three compartments, each with zipper opening. 

Details of Kenneth Cole Business Bags :

Reaction from Kenneth Cole is not an ordinary messenger bag, because it has more detailed specs that make the bag great for formal and non formal occasions without looking too bulky:

• The leather is genuine cowhide, makes it very soft and strong at the same time.

• The interior is from high quality fabric; soft, strong and only has single stitch.

• Wide shoulder sling, comfortable even if you carry a lot of things.

• Two clasps for opening; they make the bag safer compared to magnetic clasp and completely easy to undo.

• Sturdy and strong hand handle, with soft leather texture and padding, comfortable for a long time (especially if you must carry the bag all the time by some reasons).

• Three compartments with padded interior and the middle one (accessory compartment) has three sections with opened tops for easier access.

• Laptop compartment at the middle part fits for 15.4 inch laptop size, complete with padding and soft fabric interior, and zippered. The three sections with opened tops fit the other laptop accessories such as mouse, power cable and USB cable. The compartments also have perfect sizes to carry a tablet.

• Front compartment has small sections for phones, business cards, pens and other stationery items.

• Rear compartment has zipper and wide, good for storing notebook, papers and documents.

While not really different from any other business bags, Kenneth Cole Reaction really brings messenger bag to the whole new level.  

What They Said about Kenneth Cole Business Bags :

Overall, Kenneth Cole is viewed as a great brand for men’s professional bags, including messenger bags. Most people love the fact that the bag is not bulky, compared to leather laptop bag that looks heavy and eats up a lot of space when stored or being put down. The rather casual look makes this bag perfect to carry to almost every type of office or workplace, even campus. The price is not considered really expensive, but the genuine leather makes this bag looks really expensive.

Many people also love the multiple sections in this bag; while multiple sections are necessary for any business bags, Kenneth Cole reduced the bag’s thickness and only put emphasizes on the most important objects to carry in a messenger bag, such as standard sized laptops, tablets, stationery items and some documents or papers.

Therefore, when you carry it, it does not look like you are going to stay overnight in some place or something and the bag is filled with your clothes. It reallylooks like you are going to go to office or workplace. People also love the casual tone of this bag, especially young buyers. Plus, the strap is wide, so it feels more comfortable on the shoulder especially for mobile workers who must carry the bag everywhere, complete with all their stuffs, in daily basis.

In conclusion, Kenneth Cole messenger bag from Reaction is a great bag to carry for both professionals and students, which shows both formal and informal looks at the same time. Thanks to this bag, messenger style business bags are no longer dominated by workers in non formal fields or grad students. 


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