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Reasons to Buy Your Designer Bags Online 

By: Abdul Muis 

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Forget the usual stroll to several shops just to buy a trendy, designer bag. Since online stores are abundant, you can buy bags online and save your feet (and time) from long journey to the stores. Depends on where you buy them, really good designer bags can be found easily, whether from their official websites or from stores such as Best Buy and Amazon. Are you afraid of getting fake handbags sold as original bags? This is probably a problem back where the numbers of online stores were still very few, but now, many well established stores really sell original designer handbags, and sometimes with better prices than if you buy them from the official websites. 

Reasons to Buy Bags Online :

Why buying your designer bags from online sources? Here are some reasons to encourage you to buy bags online instead:

• It is more convenience and saves time; you can search for various brands, prices, colors and models from the comfort of your own house. Plus, you will be likely to do better price comparison and make the best purchase decision if you are not tired from standing and walking around like in the store.

• There are possibilities to get lower prices for new items. Depends on where you buy the bag, you can get better price than if you buy it on the store or original website. For example, an original soft leather shoulder bag from Coach Madison is sold with 15% discount on Amazon (which is about $60 cheaper than the original price tag), and this is the price of the new bag. Depends on the starting price, some items such as Carrie leather handbag from the same brand can be bought with $128 cheaper price tag.

• You can read better product descriptions. Sometimes, if you just come to the store, you cannot really see all the product specs and details. A good online store such as Best Buy or Amazon has its own section of product details so you can read them all before making decision. To buy bags online, you really need to get the most detailed product descriptions, so you must pick a good online store that will give that information in details instead of just brief descriptions.

• You can read product reviews. Amazon and Best Buy have product review sections to help you making a decision. And these reviews are not filtered out; you can actually see negative reviews and complaints (if there are any), so you can really compare the pros and cons of your products. Original brands sold in these stores usually do not invite a lot of comments, because their products are generally viewed as good. However, this section will become handy if you want to buy cheap bags or faux designer bags, especially when you find a particularly detailed review that described personal experiences with that item.

• You can enjoy specific benefits. For example, Amazon has gift card sections that will save you from trouble of buying and sending the bags physically to the recipient. Wish List menu is usually available in many big online stores, so when the bag that you like is sold out or not available yet, you can put the items in the list and wait for information if they are available.

Tips to buy bags online to buy bags online, especially if you covet original designer bags, there are some things that you must pay attention to:

• If you are unfamiliar with online shopping, stick to big names like Amazon and Best Buy. They have good customer policies, trusted services and already have large groups of loyal customers.

• Read all the reviews about online stores and your coveted designer handbags, especially if you look for cheap prices. Many stores sell faux designed handbags with the qualities that match the original counterparts and lower prices, but some dishonest store owners just put the original prices for those designer bags.

• Make inquiry about the authenticity warranty of the supposedly original, designer bags (this is if you buy the bags from luxury accessories reseller stores). If the bag is not a genuine or authentic product like the store claims, you must have right to get 100% refund. If the store refuses, do not buy.

What if you already bought the bag and not sure about its authentic claim? A website called The Purse Forum can help you with determining the authenticity of a designer bag. Snap a high quality picture of the bag and uploads it to the forum. To buy bags online, you need to do more research than buying at the actual stores, especially for branded bags. However, once you nail the best product, buying bags through online store will proof to be convenient, easy and fun. 


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