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Buy Clothes Online for Yoga? Why Not?

By: Abdul Muis  

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Do you do yoga regularly? Even if you only do yoga as a casual workout, you must know that yoga clothes have slightly different requirements than other sport wears. They must be comfortable, not too baggy (they can sag), not too tight (they will restrict your movements) and can absorb sweat easily.  for your next yoga workout.

Plus, many people feel that a good, right fitting yoga clothes help them to do many advanced poses with ease and in their maximum capacity. Since there are many models and types, you can buy clothes online


Buy Clothes Online for Yoga: The Perfect Items :

If you want to look stylish in your yoga class, yet feel comfortable comfortable at the same time, here are some recommended items to buy online:

Flare Yoga Pants :

Most women like to use leggings for yoga, because they are comfortable but not restricting. However, some do not like flaunting their leg shapes with tight leggings, especially if their feet are stocky. Flare pants have slightly wide bottoms on each pipe, flaunting the legs’ shape elegantly without sagging when you do inverse positions.

Bella 810 is a popular option in Amazon for flare leggings. Or, if you are more environmentally conscious, you can buy Green Apple flare pants, which made of organic bamboo fiber and cotton.

Yoga Capri :

Capri pants are better if you want to protect your legs yet do not want to be restricted by long pants during yoga session. You can buy Beyond Yoga Capri, which is very flexible and has flat lock seam to prevent skin irritation when you switch from one pose to another.

Beyond Yoga is also a favorite brand because there are no embarrassing color changes created by sweating (especially if you do yoga in a warm studio). The comfortable material can also make this a great clothing item to wear during casual hours or for hiking.

Yoga Bra :

Too embarrassed to buy your yoga bra at sport store? How about buy clothes online? A good support is necessary to do yoga at your maximum capacity, so do not skip this item. Again, Beyond Yoga is one of the favorite yoga clothing items. It has flat lock seam to prevent skin irritation. The material is soft Supplex; not only it is comfortable, but also prevents difficulties from removing the bra when it is wet from your sweat.

If you have more consciousness about where your clothes’ materials come from, Pure Karma Kami bra is a good choice. It is super comfortable and perfect for low impact sport (including Pilates), and made of organic cotton plus spandex to add flexibility. Meanwhile, if you have big breasts, Moving Comfort has good bra products for extra support, such as the Maia series.

Yoga Tops :

There are no perfect tops for yoga; everyone can wear anything he or she thinks comfortable. However, you must pay attention to several points: the yoga top must absorb sweat, not  restricting your movements or sag (especially when you are doing inverse positions).

You can choose to wear tank top or shirt; Energi Athletic Yoga Top has a lot of color options and made of nylon plus spandex, making it breathable and easy to absorb sweat. Again, Beyond Yoga makes great tank tops for yoga made of lycra and supplex, make them breathable and easy to wash. Men can also buy clothes online for yoga; Inner Waves make great and comfortable yoga tops made of organic cotton, and totally okay to use for other sport activities.

Yoga Shorts :

Finally, for those who prefer minimum restraint in their yoga routine, there are yoga shorts. Many men and women prefer these because they offer the least restraints. Champion Women offers great yoga shorts that have super elastic band, so you will not feel any restraint on your waist, especially when you are doing difficult back bending movements.

Plus, if you want to really see the payment of your efforts, you can directly see your toned legs in these shorts.  For men, there are super comfy Pillar Men baggy yoga shorts, or 4-rth Fusion for more tight fitting options. Prana Shorts also have tight fitting model, but they have no drawstring yet still perfect for yoga that involves a lot of sweating such as Bikram yoga.

Yoga Socks :

They may be handy for you; yoga socks are great if you have sweaty feet problems and need more grip on the floor. Or, you can use them if you want to do yoga session on a bare floor and need extra grip and balance. Pro Source has many great yoga socks with comfortable material and good grip on the floor (they are also quite cheap for high quality yoga socks).

Well, what are you waiting for?. Buy clothes online for your next yoga session and prove that you can flaunt as much style as when you are out during your yoga workout.


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