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By: Abdul Muis  

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If you go to the gym every day, you know that you must use special bag for that activity. Besides requiring enough space to put all those gym clothes, water bottle, towels and other necessities, that bag must carry wet clothes and towels you use after the gym. While we are not suggesting you to simply carry a plastic bag to the gym, you can at least carry cheap bags that are large enough for all your stuffs, yet easy to wash. There are many cheap bags online that cost less than $10 that will make great gym bags. There are many styles and colors, and the bags can also beused for other purposes as well.   

Here are some great cheap bags online under $10 you can buy for routine gym session : 

Port Authority Drawstring Bag This backpack is a standard drawstring bag with no extra compartments whatsoever. Basically, it is just a simple bag with drawstring opening and double strings to hang it up on your shoulders, and that’s it. However, this nylon bag has PVC accents on the bottom to give extra support for all the stuffs inside the bag.

This simple bag is good if you are a type of casual gym visitors who just need a place to throw in your water bottle, towel, shampoo, soap bar and gym clothes. Plus, Port Authority drawstring bags come in various monochromatic colors; from bright yellow and pink to brown, dark blue and green. The price is just about $5.14, and it is grouped as Prime product in Amazon, means you can get it with free shipping and free return. This bag is also easy to wash, dry and store.  

• ASICS Backpack, Mesh Style ASICS mesh backpack also looks like a standard drawstring bag, but this bag has unique, transparent mesh type that is super light as well as has easy access. The inside is large and flexible, and you can even put a basket ball inside.

This is perfect if you want to bring extra shampoo and conditioner bottle along with your gym clothes and towel. The price is slightly over $10, but only 95 cents extra. Since this is a Prime product on Amazon, you can get free shipping. Again, this bag is easy to wash and dry, and you can just fold this bag then put it on the travel bag if you are in a long trip.   

School Smart Canvas Tote Bag Canvas tote bags from School Smart are favorite cheap bags online not only between students but also, surprisingly, adult users. The bag is super large and convenient to bring anything, including towel, change clothes, gym clothes, water bottle and shampoo.

While the look maybe simple (just plain, off white color), the bag is convenient, easy to use and only costs less than $8. The canvas material makes this bag quite sturdy, not easy to rip and easy to wash. Although this is just a simple carry bag and no compartments or extra pockets, this is a great bag if you are okay with simplicity and practicality. Plus, you can create new look by stitching, painting or adorning the bag and create more personal look. 

Port Authority Panel Bag This bag is also simple and perfect if you just need simple carrying bag for all your gym necessities. Unlike the previous three bags mentioned, this bag has zipper and extra mesh pockets to put small items.

The zipper opening is of course safer than just open bag, plus this panel bag comes in different colors. The original price is just $9.9, but you can get it with discounted price on Amazon by paying around $7. However, this bag does not boast as large capacity as the other bags here, especially with the drawstring backpacks. 

• Augusta Sportswear Drawstring Backpack Another gym backpack in the shape of drawstring bag, Augusta Sportswear provides large and flexible bag that is perfect to carry all of your gym necessities. Besides its large compartment, Augusta backpack also has extra zippered pocket perfect for small items and phones. These bags are also among the most favorite cheap bags online that cost less than $10. The original price is actually about $27, but you can get it from Amazon with around $9.

Most of these bags are not sectioned backpacks or duffel gym bags, but they are good enough to carry basic gym necessities such as towel, gym clothes, shampoo, soap and water bottle. If you are into style and fashion, these bags may be not the best choices. But if you just want some practicality and convenience when bringing your stuffs to the gym, they are good enough. You can also get special prices and discounts if you buy cheap bags online from large retail stores.


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