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By: Abdul Muis



MG Collection is a store that sells cheap designer handbags with great quality and has won huge favor from online customers. Metal Studded Hobo Bag is a bag from MG Collection that takes glam rock elements into a feminine handbag. With metal accents studded to its top lining, the bag gives a touch of glam rock into an otherwise classic handbag.

Plus, the bag is roomy and has four options of neutral colors, so you can pretty much pair this bag with any clothes. Metal Studded Hobo Bag from MG Collection is a must have if you want a classic bag that is practical, yet has standout style that sets you apart from other ladies who carry handbags.


First Look at Metal Hobo Cheap Designer Handbags: 

Inspired by genuine designer handbags from more expensive brands, GM Collection’s Metal Studded Hobo Bag combines luxury and toughness with manmade leather material, metal studs, some rhinestone accents and four color options; black, beige, grey and camel brown. The dimension is quite large; 11 inch of height, 14.5 of length and 6 inch of width (22, 29 and 12 centimeters). There are double rolled handles for shoulder hang or hand held. The flap has magnetic style lock with faux metal studs. Extra compartments include one zippered pocket at the back side and three small pockets inside.


Detailed Specs of Metal Hobo Cheap Designer Handbags:

Metal Studded Hobo from MG Collection has all detailed specs of high quality, cheap designer handbags perfect for both daily use and special occasion accessory:

• Faux manmade leatherette as material, which feels soft to touch instead of rubbery. It is also easy to clean.

• Spacious interior size; compared to the outer dimension, the interior has 9.5 inch of height, 14  inch of length and 5 inch of width (19, 28 and 10 centimeters).

• Soft fabric lining.

• Multiple compartments inside; there are two open pockets and one zippered pocket.

• Magnetic flap plus top zipper.

• Classic design with studded metal on top and neutral colors, make the bag great for almost anyoccasion.

What Customers Said about Metal Hobo Cheap Designer Handbags

Overall, for those who are not really brand conscious, MG Collection did a good job with its Metal Studded Hobo Bag. Many customers love the bag’s classic style with glam rock touch that is still elegant and not too garish, perfect for giving unique look in an otherwise plain, classic handbag. Here are some pros and cons from Amazon users about this bag.


Pros :

• The bag feels soft to touch; compared to many faux leather cheap handbags in the market that  often feel rubbery, this bag feels better to touch. 

• The metal stud accents are not too big or garish; therefore, the bag still maintains its overall classic shape and look, but is also edgy enough to capture attention.

• The bag has neutral colors, classic style and large capacity, perfect for both daily and special occasions. It is also easy to match the bag with any suit, dress or shirt you wear.

• The main compartment is quite large and very practical. The separate open and zippered small pockets also make quiet good organizers for small stuff (keys, coins, lipstick). Plus, the wide opening and flexible structure make it easy to see everything in the bag as soon as you open it.

• The whole material quality is quite good and the bag is durable for daily usage.


Cons :

• The double handles are too short; they can be slightly uncomfortable if you put a lot of things inside the bag.

• Like many cheap designer handbags, sometimes there is weird smell coming from the leather and does not disappear even after you spray some perfume. However, the smell is not too overwhelming.

• When heavy stuff is put into the bag, it immediately sags and makes the bag looks and feels heavy. The large metal studs on the flap (compared to small studs on the top lining) are purely decorative and they may add to the overall bag weight. Plus, the magnetic flag is definitely less safe than a buckle.

• Some customers do not like the handles’ pipe shapes; they were heavy and even slightly hurt the shoulder and neck if the bag is in full capacity.

• The bag is tall, so when you put it on the floor when the content is not too many, it sags and flops down.

Overall, Metal Hobo Handbag from MG Collection has good qualities for practical women who are not really brand conscious and more to cheap designer handbags with style and practical elements. If you want a classic bag that looks great for almost any occasions, yet still has some standout elements, Metal Stud Hobo Bag from MC Collection can be a great choice.


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