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By: Abdul Muis  

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FASH Limited sells many cheap handbags with various styles, designer bag inspired looks and really affordable price tags. FASH Rose is a bag that will make all girly girls and women who love feminine style happy. This bag has unique combination between rose flower shape, beautiful monochrome colors and faux snake skin texture that will definitely make you the center of attention.

The bag also has classic look and quite generous dimension without being too bulky, perfect to be carried to any occasions; from daily work to casual outing and even special romantic dinner. It looks good with either dressy clothes or jeans and shirt/jacket. FASH Limited may not have upscale brand name, but it is beautiful, trendy and affordable for any women who want to look good in budget. You can get it at Amazon for less than $20, so it also makes a budget birthday or Christmas present.  

First Look at FASH Rose Cheap Handbags :

At first glance, FASH Rose is really eye catching. It has snake skin texture, yet there is a large rose flower accent on the front part. The double handles are piped and there is a longer, detachable shoulder strap with adjustment buckle. The hardware parts are made of silver toned metal. With classic cut, the handbag can be paired with any clothes from dress and gown to suit and jeans.

The shoulder strap makes the bag perfect for casual using and perfect as a gift for teenage girls who want to look ‘adult’ yet still have something cute on their accessories. The color options are pink, white, red, brown and taupe. There are no excessive ornaments, and no shiny or flashy parts, so the bag can still look attractive without being too gaudy or garish. 

Detailed Specs of FASH Rose Cheap Handbags :

Here are some other detailed specs from FASH Rose cheap handbags:

• Large dimension for large capacity:13 x 5.5 x 12.2 inches (26 x 11 x 24.4 centimeters). This makes the bag practical to bring a lot of stuff.

• Integrated dual zipper on the top of the bag, leaving no gaps on each side of the opening and better protect your stuff from rain and dust. The zipper is easy to pull and makes easy opening and closing.

• Large main compartment with soft fabric lining, plus one zippered pocket and cell phone pocket.

• Backside zippered pocket with smooth zipper for easy access.

• 5 inch (10 centimeters) drop length for the handle.  

Customers Opinions about FASH Rose Cheap Handbags :

Many customers had split opinions about this cheap handbag, especially concerning the look, quality and color. Most do not have the problems with dimension and really glad with the price. Here are some perks and downsides of the bag, according to Amazon customers 

Pros :

• The snake skin texture and rosette accent makes unique combination, so it is eye catching without getting gaudy.

• There is a detachable shoulder strap, so you can have options between bringing the bag on your hand and slinging the bag across your body.

• The classic cut and less flashy design make the bag perfect for almost any occasions; perfect if you are a type of person who does not like having too many handbags.

• The bag is quite large without being bulky or heavy and there are small compartments, so it is practical and can contain a lot of things for any occasions.

• There are several color options, so you can pick the best one that matches your dominant attire colors.

Like any other cheap handbags, FASH Rose handbag also has some downsides:

• The snake skin texture is not really obvious, so if you are a stylish person, there is no point flaunting this design element (there is no gloss whatsoever).

• The material looks and feels cheap, and even slightly feels like plastic.

• The zipper is slightly fragile and sometimes locked so[/link] it has to be forced open.

• There is some imbalance between the bag’s position and the shoulder strap length; some customers feel weird when they slung the bag over their body because the bag keeps dangling at odd angle.

• You may feel disappointed when the bag arrives; due to differences in monitor settings, many customers reported that they saw differences between the bag color at the monitor and the actual bag color when they opened the package (i.e.: white bag turns out rather off white).

Overall, FASH Rose snake skin texture cheap handbags are not disappointing for casual using, especially because the price is really cheap. It is large, practical and is not too gaudy or flashy, so you can carry it everywhere. Despite of some minor flaws, FASH Rose bags are great bags for you who pick function and price over brand yet still want to look trendy.


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