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My Gift Floral Print Computer Bags : 

When you think about messenger bag that doubles as computer bags, you maybe think a plain, black bag that may sound practical but not special. My Gift breaks that assumption by creating My Gift Floral Print, computer bags for women that combine both practicality and beauty into a laptop slash messenger bag.

Devoid of garish design and patterns yet still distinctively feminine, My Gift Floral Print Computer Bag is a great bag for active women who want computer bags that are all about practicality, but still emanates beautiful, feminine design. My Gift Floral Print is great to support your daily activities at office, school, campus or your travel


Overview of My Gift Floral Computer Bags for Women :

At first sight, My Print Floral Print has similar classic cut and model of standard computer and messenger bag. The bag has double handle and long, detachable shoulder strap. The bag comes in two colors, red and black. The floral print on the front part is minimalist with white lines, making the bag shows feminine contemporary style without being too garish.

From the outside, you can see one rear compartment with Velcro, one front compartment (also with zipper) and one main compartment with top zipper and no flap. The bag was designed to bring a 17 inch laptop; the dimension is 17 x 2 x 12.5 inches or 34 x 4 x 25 centimeters. There is also a back slip panel to attach the bag to luggage when you are traveling.


Specs Of My Gift Floral Computer Bags For Women :

These computer bags for women are perfect for your daily study or work activities, thanks to several spect such as:

  • Padded main compartement with laptop sleeve for17 inch notebook or laptop, plus a valcro strap to further secure it inside.
  • polyester material for sturdiness and light weight.
  • Silk layer for the floral pattern and shinier material for the front part.
  • Smaller section and pen holders inside the front, zippered pocket for stationery and laptop accessory organization.
  • 17 inches of expansion for more space management.


Opinions about My Gift Floral Computer Bags for Women : 

Overall, My Gift Floral Print is a great bag with several good qualities: it is cheap, has great contemporary style with feminine touch and large. However, there are also some cons pointed out by some customers. Here are some pros and cons according to Amazon customer reviews about these computer bags for women.



• The bag has contemporary style with two color options and the pattern is not too garish or shiny. This makes the bag perfect to pair with business, semi formal or casual suites. Both young students and professional career women can flaunt this bag in business suits,jeans or casual Friday sweater and still look good. If you do not bring laptop, the bag can still and look perfect as a school bag.

• The bag has quite large compartment and only two smaller compartments, and one   of these compartments has sectioned place. This means the bag is not too bulky and allows for   expansion if you put a lot of things inside, including laptop cooler pad (unlike many standard laptop bag that has too many compartments and do not give much space).

• The price is quite cheap, and the bag is not too shabby either for daily use. The overall quality and function matches the low price tag but it is still good for bargain computer bags.

The laptop pad is in perfect thickness;not too thick and not too thin, so there is no unnecessary   bulk. The extra[ Velcro strap is also favorable because it gives extra safety.



• The material is slightly cheap; you can expect small thinning patches or rip after a   very long usage.

• The bag does not stay in standing position when being put on the flat surface.

• The shoulder strap is rather thin and does not have thicker and wider pad; it becomes problem   when you carry rather heavy stuff in the bag because it digs on the shoulder.

Despite of some cons, these computer bags for women are great buys for affordable laptop or messenger bags. They are beautiful without being too garish, have contemporary look and classic cut, has wide space and quite many spaces and very practical. Sure there are some minus points, but they are considered small compared to the price and functionality aspects.

My Gift Floral Print Computer Bags is the best bag for you who want a perfectly practical and beautiful bag that does not look too manly or plain, and with cheap price for daily usage. This bag is also great as a gift for your young relatives or kids for their first laptops, graduation gift or affordable birthday and Christmas gifts.


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