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By: Abdul Muis



Print or fancy messenger bags may sound like cooler tools to carry a laptop, but let’s face it: sometimes, there are times when what you need is actually a really formal looking laptop bag. Manhattan Portage provides computer bags with elegant black color and simple, classic shape that goes perfectly with any type of work suits. Deluxe bag from Manhattan Portage is special because it has several unique specs, different from any other messenger type laptop bags. You can even use this bag as a regular messenger bag to go to campus, without feeling that you bring an overly heavy object. This bag is practical, simple, durable and perfect for those who have highly mobile lifestyle or work. 

Overview of Manhattan Portage Deluxe Computer Bags : 

From the outside, Manhattan Portage looks like a regular messenger bag; no extra bulks, and no extra thick pockets for accessories. This design is to make sure that you can carry a laptop in more discreet way. The material is Cordura Plus with waterproof coating, with wide covering flap atop the zipper to make sure your laptop and other important stuffs in it are not wet or dirty.

The dimension is 15.25x12x4.5 inches, plus a wide shoulder strap. There are four color options: black, brown, grey and navy blue. The black color, especially, has a nice, sharp contrast with the signature red and white Manhattan Portage logo on the lower right corner.  

Specs of Manhattan Portage Deluxe Computer Bags :

Manhattan Portage Deluxe computer bags have specs that make them special compared to many standard laptop bags:

• Special water resistant coating material from Cordura Plus to keep your laptop from getting wet during rain.

• One large padded compartment in the middle with zipper top, with a built in laptop sleeve to accommodate 13 to 15 inch laptop max (depends on the product series). There is a Velcro strap on the laptop sleeve to keep the laptop from sliding off.

• Thin padding to make sure you still have enough room to put something next to your laptop, such as documents, papers or book.

• Four extra small compartments behind the covering flap, sewn to the bag, provide extra spaces for some laptop accessories and stationery items.

• Extra zipper section on the posterior; it can be zipped to carry extra book, or released when you want to attach this bag onto your luggage during a long trip.

• Adjustable, wide strap that is comfortable on your shoulder.

Shoulder pad for extra comfort, sold separately.

One buckle type closure on the covering flap for more secure closing 

Opinions about Manhattan Portage Deluxe Computer Bags :

Most users agreed that Manhattan Portage Deluxe computer bags are, overall, nice computer bags for more practical using. The bag does not look bulky at all and can bring relief for those who want to carry their laptops in more discreet way (like when they walk in slightly risky places to carry valuable things).

The material is also great to keep laptop and other important stuffs inside dry. The laptop sleeve with extra Velcro fits the laptop perfectly based on the bag’s size, and customers also love the fact that the main compartment is wide enough, compared to other similar bags that look big but actually are narrow inside because the padding is too thick. The extra zipper part is also useful for those who often travel with luggage. The color options are also considered classic, so you will not get any difficulties in matching them with your working attires on that day.

There are some small downsides; first, the bag is not flexible and slightly stiff, so you really cannot put extra stuffs inside the main compartment; unlike other computer bags that can manage extra stacks of papers or thick books, this bag cannot accommodate excessive load, so you probably must be satisfied with only your laptop plus its accessories and one or two magazines plus some papers. The small compartments are practical, but since they are sewn directly on the bag, there will be some extra bulks inside the main compartment.

Therefore, the bag is really just for the most basic necessities of that day. Most users also complained about the fact that they must buy the shoulder pad separately; however, since they can only bring basic stuffs inside the bag, there is no big need for an extra shoulder padding. Plus, the large flap is mainly just pure decoration, but due to its protective and disguise function, this is not considered a fault.

In conclusion, although Manhattan Portage Deluxe is not a bad bag, it does not have super quality it you are a type of person who needs to bring a lot of stuffs in one bag. However, these computer bags are great for daily using, because they have really sturdy built with water resistant quality and safe enough to carry your laptop.


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