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Are YOU Looking for Discount Designer Handbags? :: Discount Designer Handbag Guide. Here is DISCOUNT DESIGNER HANDBAGS, information for you!: 

By: Abdul Muis 

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Do you want to flaunt trendy accessories but have no money to buy $500 original designer handbag? Why not try discount designer handbags? Brand like Scarleton provides trendy and chic handbags that cost a mere fraction from the actual designer handbags such as Calvin Klein and Hermes.

Shoulder handbag from Scarleton is a great product for you who has low budget in accessories, yet still want to have good handbags with both practical function and trendy design. Since more women become busier and more active, practicality and functionality becomes priorities compared to style and brand, and Scarleton provides the perfect handbags to match these criteria without sacrificing budgets.  

Overview of Scarleton Discount Designer Handbags :

Scarleton shoulder handbags have rather free form bag shape instead of stiff geometrical shape like tote bag, with fringe accents on both sides just under the straps. It comes in black, beige and orange colors, which are considered ‘safe’ enough to be put on with different clothing shades. The top opening is simply using zipper, easy for access to things inside the bag. The material is high quality faux leather, and the inside is lined with fabric. The shoulder strap has thick, pipe like style, with black color and adjustable length.

The overall look of the bag is more feminine than masculine or classic, but besides the fringes, the other parts of the bag are clear from accessories and flashy accents. The bags look great even when you are wearing night dress, formal office suits, jeans or casual combos.  

Detailed Specs of Scarleton Discount Designer Handbag :

Discount designer handbags from Scarleton have several specs that make them, at first glance, similar with original designer handbags with way more expensive price tags. Here are the specs:

• Adjustable shoulder strap; you can lengthen the strap for maximum 20 inch or about 40 centimeter. Can be comfortably held on one shoulder or by hand.

• Integrated zipper on the top opening, cutting the gaps that usually appear on both corners on the bag’s top opening.

• Wide, flexible interior and big capacity (40x20x10 centimeters), perfect for active women who must bring a lot of stuffs whenever they go out. The size and dimension is large but not too large.

• Two zipper pockets inside and outside the bag for smaller stuffs such as cell phone, keys, lipstick and coins.

• Faux leather has soft texture and no flaky part, looks really like genuine leather.

• High quality fabric lining inside the bag interior; soft, strong and is not easy to rip. 

Opinions about Scarleton Discount Designer Handbag :

Most customers love Scarleton shoulder handbags for three things: their sizes, capacities and prices. The overall shape and style of these discount designer handbags are considered more perfect for feminine women or when you are wearing dressier clothes, but the looks and styles still have classic lines (no excessive accessories or flashy accents), so they also go well with more masculine trend styles. They can also be brought on both formal and informal ]occasions, making these shoulder handbags more popular among budget shoppers; there is no need for having a lot of handbags if one or two are already sufficient. Scarleton handbags also have good range of colors; there are classic colors such as black and beige, and there are flashier colors such as olive green and orange. These colors are easy to match with various dress and suit colors. 

While some may do not really fancy the handbag’s feminine style, Scarleton discount designer handbags are not too garish or flashy. However, some complaints came about the bag’s fringe accessory. These fringes were apparently quite fragile, so some found out that their bag’s fringes fell off after several weeks or months. However, the problems can be solved by minimizing the rough treatment on the bag (such as slamming it instead of putting it gently, yank the bag or putting it in narrow space and the fringes are accidentally yanked out), yet customers must be aware that these fringes are indeed a bit fragile.

The zipper on the top is another great feature from the discount designer handbags; instead of just hanging on a fabric platform that leaves gaps on both bag’s opening corners, the zipper is integrated on the bag. Therefore, the content of the bag is more protected from rain and dust. Finally, most customers love the fact that the faux leather of the bag looks and feels just like genuine leather, so it makes the original brand look of the handbag looks even more real.

Overall, Scarleton shoulder handbags are great accessories for women who want a feminine yet practical handbag that is not too garish, has large capacity without being oversized and perfect for almost any styles. Scarleton discount designer handbags are the best affordable bags for you who want style oozing from a cheap handbag[/link].handbag.  


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