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Amazon Prime Products: Colorful Handbags Online for Kids

By: Abdul Muis 

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Are your kids ready to face holiday season this year? Do you have kids that are ready to face their first day at school? Why don’t you buy them colorful handbags to cheer up their special days? Amazon offers hundreds of colorful, cute and unique handbags online, with various options in colors, shapes and sizes. Better yet, you can pick them from Amazon Prime Products to save money in shipping and return. The kids will love these bags as soon as they open the wrappers.


Here are some options for cute handbags for kids available as Prime products at Amazon.


Funny Shaped Handbags Online :

Handbags with unique shapes are perfect for little kids in Kindergarten or pre schools, or as necessity bags for a trip with parents.

Stephen Joseph Go-go Purse (2-6 X)

One of the most favorite products for kid handbags online, Stephen Joseph series of Go-go Purse features various bags in animal shapes. There are whale, monkey, bee, butterfly, owl, cupcake, watermelon and ladybug. The cute shapes are eye catching with colorful details and rich patterns, and surely will delight little kids. With 6.5 x 7 inch dimension, these handbags have adequate sizes for small kids.

They are great to give as gifts, especially, if you want your kids stop playing with your purse when they want to play by imitating adults. The material is 100% vinyl, so it is easy to wash and quite sturdy for a small kid bag. The strap is not too long and cannot be slung across the body, but it is considered as safety measure, especially for kids who are younger than 5 years old. You can get it for about $12.66 from Amazon.

Rubber Hen Tote Handbag :

This handbag is definitely an eye catching item, with hen-shaped body, yellow color and accents that mimic real chicken looks such as feather details, eyes and beak. This bag is quite large and can carry small water bottle. The size makes this bag perfect for a kid to carry during a large trip, but parents must remember not to put valuable things into it, since it is definitely very obvious. However, the bag is not to be given as a gift for kids under 3 years old, because there is choking hazard from small parts. Nevertheless, this is a unique gift for your kids, and you can get it for just about $30.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Small Tote Bag :

Another favorite among kid handbags online, Sanrio Hello Kitty series offer several small tote bags with Hello Kitty head shapes with dominant colors of white and pink. The original, licensed Sanrio products have quite sturdy quality (including the zipper) and roomy enough for small things that kids may want to put inside. You can get the bag with less than $12 a piece.

Rasta Imposta Fire Extinguisher Handbag :

If your kids have slightly more extreme taste in stuffs, what about giving this unique handbag? The 100% polyester handbag has fire extinguisher shape, complete with unique details that will make your kids shrieking with delight. The bag is available for about $10.


Handbags Online for Older Kids :

If your kids are already bigger but still have taste for ‘cute’ things, try these handbags:

Hadaki Cool Duffel Series :

If your kids are starting to get more active and often spending nights doing sleepover, or like to do long trips, Hadaki Cool series can be great gifts. These duffel bags have both handle and shoulder strap and can contain a lot of things thanks to their multiple compartments. They have unique combination between colorful shades and unique abstract prints that are cute enough but still looks ‘adult.’

Bungalow Mini Bags :

Bungalow bags handbags online series made of canvas with colorful prints and patterns. These handbags have cute prints such as little birds, monkeys, otters and hedgehogs. They look cute and perfect for older kids, and even adults can rock these bags. The price: only about $22 for the mini handbag. There are also options for wallets and messenger bags to match these mini bags.

Horizon Dance Pink Ballet Tote Bag :

Horizon Dance products are perfect for all girly girls who want both cute and practical bags. Made of microfiber material with large compartments and sturdy zippers, this tote bag is a perfect companion for an extra activity after class or sleepover at a friend’s house.

All of these handbags are cheap enough and can make good presents for holiday or birthday, but make sure you read all the descriptions before buying one of them. Some bags may be safe for kids under three years old, while others may have choking hazard warning for certain ages. Make your kids happy with their first day of school, or make them feel special ‘like an adult’ by giving them cute yet functional handbags; buy handbags online for more convenience.


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