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By: Abdul Muis  

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Are you imagining laptop bags as bulky, leather bags with boring styles and similar shapes? What about buying trendy print laptop bags online? Print laptop bags are now slowly beginning to compete with formal-looking laptop bags made of black leather. They come in more varied colors and patterns compared to old fashioned bags. While you can find some trendy laptop bags at the department stores or computer stores, shopping online is still a great way to get print laptop bags. You can pick between hundreds of models, colors and styles withoutgoing around many stores.

Here are some much recommended print laptop bags you can get online  

Print Laptop Bags Online for Males :

Forget boring, black messenger bags or standard laptop bags you get from the store; these trendy, print laptop bags will surely catch everyone’s eyes.

• Union Jack Flag Carry Case for 14 Inch Notebook This trendy bag is popular among laptop bags online, especially for you who are everything about British movement and trend! The bag is eye catching with British flag and newspaper printed all over it. The size fits 14 inch Macbook, Acer, HP, Dell and Sony Netbook. This can also function as messenger bag, perfect for students. There is also notebook sleeve that matches this bag’s pattern, and you can buy them together at Amazon.

• Rothco Vintage Army Messenger Bag for 14 inch Notebook Although considered more as a messenger bag than laptop bag, Vintage Army from Rothco is also great as laptop bag, especially for 14 inch notebooks. The bag is made of heavy weight canvas with extra compartments inside and wide shoulder strap, so is comfortable if you must carry your laptop all day. Its unique, worn-out looking vintage army pattern will sure make you look different.

• BBP Expandit Laptop Bag This laptop bag is unique because of its expanded depth. Depends on your capacity need, you can expand this bag from 3 inch deep to 7 inch deep. The shoulder pad is super wide and comfortable and there is laptop sleeve inside. Plus, the bag has colorful yet elegant red plaid prints all over it. It fits 15 inch laptops and notebooks.

Meffort Inc Laptop Bag, Blue Dragon[/link] Dazzle all of your friends with this cool laptop bag! With just under $28, you can get one of the coolest laptop bags online from Meffort Inc. The black neoprene surface contrasts splendidly with the blue dragon print on the front, makes your laptop bag stands out among your friends’. The bag has spacious compartment that can fit 15 inch laptops or notebooks. 

Print Laptop Bags Online for Females :

Ladies, do you want to flaunt your styles while carrying your laptop and other important things? Here are some selections of print laptop bags that you can find online:

• Meffort Inc Laptop Bag, Cherry Blossoming Combining practicality and beauty, Meffort Inc Cherry Blossoming can holds laptops or notebooks with 17.4 inch screen size. The neoprene material makes the bag water proof, while the adjustable strap makes carrying laptop comfortable. It has stands out red color with Sakura blooms all over it.

• Café in Paris Laptop Padded Bag Feeling romantic or having a dream of visiting Paris? Then Café in Paris series may be the perfect laptop bag for you. Comes in two color tones (black and silver-gray), Café in Paris can hold 15 inch laptops and notebooks. The bag is padded with comfortable shoulder strap, and the cover is made of waterproof neoprene. You can also find laptop sleeve with similar pattern online, or buy it together with the bag at Amazon.

• My Gift Black Flowers This is also one of the most popular laptop bags online; My Gift Black Powers boast elegant simplicity of a leather laptop bag, but softened by white floral patterns. The bag can fit 17 inch laptops, and there is a slip panel on the back so you can attach it to your luggage. The bag is also sturdy and strong, but not too bulky. My Gift Black Flowers is perfect for those who have highly mobile lifestyle.

• Vera Bradley Series If you like to bring your laptop or notebook when hangout at the café or mall, or just want to have a lightweight laptop bag, Vera Bradley series can be options. These laptop bags have unique, colorful floral print designs that are surely stand out among regular laptop bags. The bags can carry 17 inch laptop, but they are designed for just carrying a laptop and its standard accessories and nothing else.

What do you think? Instead of common, monochrome laptop bags or bulky leather bags, you can spice up things a bit by buying print laptop bags online. They are colorful, fun to look at, but sure functional and practical.


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