Selection of equipment is very important! World of Warcraft Nostalgic Arms and Field

The Warco Canyon and the Otrak Valley are about to go online. Many players may be simple to kill for PVP. For the love of peace, I feel very chicken, but you think, if you have a military uniform, you will get more in the wild. Self-insurance, isn’t it?


The military uniform properties blizzard is spent in mind, not to make the players! Today, let’s see what it is existent to the PVP equipment.


It is difficult to start the difficulty in the battlefield NPC purchase. It is 5.5 people fall, pass the task.


Upgrade into purple dress


Today, I took the warrior’s suit to everyone. For players who have just arrived at level 60, a set of blue is quite good. If the copy is difficult, the courage is the courage to settle (commonly known as T0) is you enter PVE A large copy of a large copy, he is equipped with attribute physics magic double resistance, and special effects is more suitable for the battery life, and some parts can be upgraded into purple clothes (commonly known as T0.5) through the task. As for the attributes of the miniagate set, the high force, high endurance, especially the green word attribute 1% crit (equivalent to a little cruel talent of the violent talent), 1% hit, this property may be equivalent to the attribute Dozens of sensitive, even more ornaments!

From the suite properties, it is obvious, 2-piece properties 40 strength and 8 resistance are not comparable, 4 properties have highlighted the difference between PVP and PVE, blocking the 50 seconds of CD, Skill CD is 30 seconds), for the role of soldiers in the PVP field, it is impossible to replace, whether it is chasing or attacking is a reverse day, the skill CD is 5 seconds than you. In the wild and battlefield, it may be the key to the decision to win, for example, prevent the enemy from opening the flag and intercept the enemy. Think about it, by a warrior, the bungeon, cut the goal to intercept the bib, and the group directly tach the euro, and strive for sufficient time to settle the foundation for victory.

The battlefield graduation suit corresponds to the honorary level NPC to buy 40 people, this black wing Na Fa falls equipment, and it is difficult to start

For PVE and PVP in the 1960s, 40 people’s MC and black wings are relatively difficult, and the battlefield is relatively easy, but they want to go to R14. It is not easy. As long as the copy is smashed every week, graduation is a morning and evening. But the battlefield needs to get R14, you need your team to work hard, and still twelve efforts can be done! Here, the efforts of the Night and Night of the year were taken to the veteran of R14. For the sake of returning to the nostalgic service, they would continue to complete the players who originally dreams!

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