The pleated skirt is the “bar of the autumn and winter”, the hair is good, sweaters are also, all kinds of temperament

Can you wear a skirt in autumn and winter? Many people may have heard this sentence, but in fact, autumn and winter skirt is higher, do not limit the body, as long as you match the hipster personality, you can become the focus of the crowd.

When wearing a skirt, the girls can choose their favorite style. In this fall, I will recommend all the trial pleated skirts, which will increase the fashion, with sweaters, and the coat is very good.

First, know the pleated skirt

To wear the trend of the pleated skirt, you must first understand the characteristics of the pleated skirt. In fact, from the version, the pleated skirt is a lot of pleats.

This pleat is also divided into fine pleats and wide pleats, and there are many options when the sisters are mixed.

The pleated skirt has long and short divisions, and small children can try short pleats, more playful.

The high child is equipped with long pleated skirts, it will be more mature, and you can improve your gas field easily.

Second, look at this popular pleated skirt this year

1. Irregular tailor

From tailoring, there are many plastic styles, such as irregular designs. Nowadays, they like to use irregular tailor to modify your body, easily reflect fashion.

The front short is long or the left and right long, the front and then short, this irregular design can add design.

It can also be modified to make our leg shapes and create a passage of hidden.

2. Over the knee pleated skirt


If you want to choose length, try to give yourself with long section in the autumn and winter season,

The pleated skirt of the knee is also the most insurance, the small child is very easy, and the high child can also reflect your own leg.


And attempt to appear in the design of the ankle when it is matched with the knee pleated skirt.


This kind of care machine can be modified, avoiding the sense of accumulation, which is more light.

Third, the match analysis of the pleated skirt

Below we will analyze it according to the matching of the upper and shoes, the pleated skirt has many different trendy wear, using these shapes, and your wear is basically not awkward!

Match formula 1. Coat + pleated skirt

If you want to be a tide, you can try the match of the coat and pleated skirt. Suitable for the season, the coat and pleated skirts have a good warm effect, and you can also use the coats to mix a pleated skirt to help you improve. Stylish degree of styling, sufficient reducing thickness.

The coat and pleated skirt are hipster and gentle, if you want your charm to be better release, you can also refer to some fashionable elements.

For example, the pleated skirt can be irregular cut, or the style of printing, it will be a lot of foreign



[Whether it is a classic woolen coat, or a fashionable lamb sweater, combined with pleated skirts, it is very light, it is also very suitable for micro fatigue.

Match equation 2. Sweater + pleated skirt

The sweater and pleated skirt should be a classic partner. This group of fashionable CP is essential, and the mirror rate in autumn and winter is very high.

Autumn can be dressed in autumn

In winter, wear coats, down jackets and other costumes to achieve warmth.

There are many ways to sweaters and pleated skirts.


For example, we can try to open the sweaters, and modify your body, the matching of the cardigan is more casual.

You can also choose the sweater designed for the head, easy to wear, suitable for the sisters who are not good at matching, and the lower body with irregular pleated skirts.

Easily help you reflect the body and long legs, the perfect body is enviable.

Match formula 3. Boots + pleated skirt

Second, the sisters who pursue warmth effect can try the match of boots and pleated skirts.

The pleated skirt can demonstrate a kind of simply elegant temperament, and the thick boots can also show light temperament, which will not be dull. There are also a lot of style in boots.


Martin boots, ankle boots or long boots can try a mix.

But generally

Will try the long boots with a pleated skirt

Don’t reveal your own ankle,

Warm is good,

If you are not afraid of cold, it’s good to match the boots.

Match formula 4. Short outer casing + pleated skirt

In front of you talking sweaters and coats, are more classic costumes


Second, you can try a short jacket, such as small fragrant wind costumes, suit items, can be mixed with pleated skirts, such a matching style is also quite elegant.

The combination of the pleated skirt and short jackets is suitable for small sizes.

If you are afraid of five or five points, try with belts, more able to modify your waistline. And the trepidated skirt is basically the same as the same color and the close colors. This kind of concise is still fashionable, and the daily match can be borrowed.

Want to show the temperament of hipster personality, this fall, you don’t have to buy too much skirt this fall, a pleated skirt is enough, short design is light and lively, long-term design mature.

Secondly, the pleated skirt is equipped with coats, sweaters and other costumes are very good and fashionable. It is simply the favorite of the tide people. I hope you can try it.




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