All Zhixian is very powerful! White yoga pants are directly wearing fat, with white sweater

Nowadays, many girls like some thin textures and fabrics when wearing trousers, and the comfort is very strong, such as more and more fashionable little sisters, more and more fashionable little sisters. Wearing in the back of the street, yoga pants are usually a comparative styles, but it is very strong on the elasticity, even if they are self-cultivation, they can also wear a naked feeling.


Quan Zixian is really “bold”, white yoga pants are directly worn, with white sweater foreign age. Many people are the fans of the whole Zhixian. In addition to the hard work and exceptional efforts in the acting skills, the big long legs in the body on the body, the big long legs, which can be said is a lot of people who are envied. Value 100 Wan’s big legs wear everything.

The advantage of yoga pants is in the comfort of comfort, but the completely slim version is very high for leg-type requirements. If you want to wear fashion, you must have a very slender and well-known, and the body of Zhixian The match is even more bold, the white trousers itself will be stronger in the sufficient effect, not to mention the styles of the slim, if there is no big legs such as the Greatness of the Qixian, I really don’t dare to try.


Quan Zhixian is equipped with a white shirt in the upper part. It is very refreshing on the streets of the autumn and winter season. Different, if you want to reduce the difficulty of driving, you can use some kind of beige system or a big land color match to make a decrease in difficulty, so that the effect of matching can also be full of clean high-level feelings like Full Zhixian.

Fashion little fairy is getting stronger and stronger about the love of yoga pants. If you want to be slim, you must have a dark-colored yoga trousers out of the street. High, the average people are difficult to control, but the darkness is relatively in the legs of the leg type, the upper body is mixed with light-colored sweater, and there is a sleek and comfortable age.

Yoga Pants This single product is very strong. Basically high-elastic fabrics will take out your own figure with your own figure, so it is not very good when wearing this yoga pants. A girl who is suitable for the knee, if the girls wide, you want to wear a long section, block the position of the thigh root and the position of the crotch.


Through the basic black yoga pants with short paragraph umbilical sweater and the inner stacking, this kind of matching method is very suitable for small children, and it is very good to show the version of 9 points in Yoga Pants. The high effects, and the upper half of the sweater can also present more identical legal functions through the uppermost of the waist line.

Sometimes it is necessary to use the comparative effect. For example, if you want to look, in addition to making an article on the mating of the trousers, you can use a very loose version and the lower body slim pants on the matching of the top. To form a strong visual contrast, this strong comparative effect is even if the leg line is not very slender, and it can also present a thinner feel.

The body-long girls can use the long sweater to match the slim yoga pants, the long-term version of the girl is very friendly for the girl’s body, but the requirement is that there is an advantage in the height to control this five five. Divide the size of the body.


The comfort of yoga pants is awesome, and the texture is soft and very suitable for close-fitting, wearing tired of pants or a small girl in a wide legs, may wish to use the reasonable match of yoga pants to show personalized dressing. Effect, fashion is not embarrassed.


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