How is the New Year? Hanchao leads the new year to wear new fashion, high-profile eye-catching temperament

“Qian Ming House is a day, always replace the new peach”. In the past, it is a year, and it is necessary to cross the year, and wear the horse arrangement. Of course, the Chinese festival will not have the most Chinese character, so that you have to be in the new year, happy and elegant. Even the star artists can’t let go, hurry to unlock the exclusive of your New Year’s Eve.

The beauty of Hanfu lies in the right of the right, and is in the robe. At that time, he surpassed his sister’s Hanfu shouted as a heaven, and he didn’t open his eyes. The beauty of nature is integrated with her beautiful appearance, and the smart and elegant will look like this wonderful painting, like the elf in the mountains. Loose style is also very friendly for ordinary body.


Cross year

Sisters who need to go out to attend some important events, directly moving the gold morning in this set of Sheng Tang Niki. The red Tang is full of prosperity, step by step by step. She interprets this Hanfu


Too beautiful, in the forehead, the stunned and charming and smashed the heavy feelings brought about by the overall shape, and the integrity and noble will be 100%.


When I saw Xu Yual Yang, I would like to take a hand along the nets of the network to be linked. A Chinese embarrassment is in the lake, and the wind is low, and the breeze is working with her hair, and fresh and elegant seems to be a poem. The red streamer is made to add a quiet, and the sister of this cold fairy can not love?

I have seen that the Sweet Ancient Winds of Sweet and Sweet Sweet Words are only amazed. Is this the legendary ancient Chinese girl? As you come out of the book, the tender girl is unlimited. With Huang Yang, this year-ended Hanfu, I will not be afraid of my parents to marry.

The ancient style of the actress also rolled up, and Wang Churan, who did ancient people, did not lose. Attacking a criquee, gentleman, flowing water poetry paper scallops, with elegant artistic conception. Tsing Yi Sailing sitting in the lake, beautiful as if


Cold and fragile

The atmosphere is instant



Girls who are familiar with Hanfu should all know that many women’s Hanfu will bring an elegant and soft beauty. Zhang Huiwen’s set is Hanfu.

The light gauze traces the unique charm of the monument, it is worth learning, the gods of learning, have inherent taste. Holding fan fairy fluttering, who can’t say I can.

You can really believe in Zhu Xu Dan’s costume shape, just a white Hanfu can take the cold and fairy temperament. The beautiful color is graceful, and there is an elegant temperament between raising hands. The thin yarn skirt is equipped with a warm and clear light makeup.

Even if the color of color is red, it is a high-level sense of high-level feeling, it is very suitable for the bus of the aristocrat. The lower body is a red dress is a pen

Positive red with classical meaning


I will not make people feel awkward at all.

But too

Skin color


White glow

. Light green satin tops Elegantly blue, beautiful hair accessories embellishment, picture




beauty of


Also or changed on a pink cloak, watching the big snow in front of the ancient house, felt the unique freshness of Zheng He Huizi. The fluffy decoration looks her playful and cute, matching light makeup and simple headdress, one fell, as if it is coming out of painting.

Want to get beautiful

More new ideas

, Fan Shili’s costume style package you are satisfied. She is in the Hanfu, I am very aura. Green pop-up elder skirt is playful, breeze blows hairdressing people. The eyes of the gods, there is a smart, and there is no lack of lack of smart beauty.

The new year wants to red fire, and you are worth it. Search Zhou Jie Qiong’s red dress, showing the beauty of the country. The hand-held minor is laughing, and the aristocratic lady is unlimited. Walking in the red brick green tile, a smile is full. Gorgeous



Not kiki beautiful Chinese Hanfu,

New Year’s must!






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