These six kinds of cameras, driving on the road must be understood, otherwise 12 points in one year is not buckled.

The car has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but with the increase of car insurance, the traffic issues also appear. The regulations on traffic on the road are naturally strict.


This can be seen from the number of cameras on the road, but the type of camera on the road is not single. The function of each camera is not the same. Today, Xiaobian will introduce it.


There is only 12 points a cycle, as long as one or two violations are not deducted, because there are too many sections and content required to monitor, there is a series of electronic eye assistance monitoring, after different types of electronic intersection monitoring can guarantee Comprehensive supervision, what kind of cameras are currently on the road?


The first, hemisphere camera,

This shape of the camera is targeted by the vehicle violation, it can be automatically acquired and recorded, and can rotate in 360 degrees, no dead angle, the range of the capture can reach 200, and the position of the vehicle can be accurate Control, automatically sense the violation of the car.


Second, a gun type camera

This is a relatively common electronic camera. In general, this camera is set as long as there is an intersection traffic light. The main function is to make uninterrupted monitoring of the red light, retrograde or speeding vehicles.

Third type, interval speed camera

The high-speed road is more common. The camera is generally selected between the high speed, according to the time of the vehicle to calculate the speed of the vehicle through the time of the two cameras, and judge whether there is a speed.

Fourth, mobile speed camera

This is also a speedy camera, which is different from the above, this camera is more concealed.

It is often placed in the green belt or by the traffic police. It is placed on the top of the police car, and it is difficult to detect for the electronic dog on the vehicle. At present, the number of uses of this camera is also more.

The fifth,

Bayonet camera

The biggest feature of this camera is to bring your own flash. In the high speed or national road, we will be easier to see.

This camera is powerful, can capture the vehicles such as accidents, violations, but also have functions such as superhigh violations, and basically has no breaks, and can record traffic on the road.

In addition, there will be a radar with it next to this camera to assist speed.

Last, Tianwang

This is an apparatus used to arrest the criminals and do not regulate the road situation.


The gun type camera and hemispherical camera are combined.


Now everyone knows which cameras and features on the road. I hope that when you drive, try to avoid illegal violations, pay attention to safety.


These six kinds of cameras, driving on the road must be understood, otherwise 12 points in one year is not buckled.

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