No matter the dress or trousers, don’t match the shoes, this year, these 4 pairs of flat shoes more “photo”

Some people say that in the summer, whether wearing a beautiful little skirt or a cool pants, is coming with high-heeled shoes? In fact, really is exploding! The four pairs of shoes that wear and wild are the correct advanced match, and the styles of mashup and dress are the most first. Therefore, wearing a skirt or wear trousers, don’t match the heels, this four pairs of flat shoes are more “photo”.

Style 1: Sneakers

Sports shoes are the most comfortable one of flat footwear because it is not only convenient to wear, but it is also suitable for sports, so it is a relatively strong shoes.


The popular old deaf shoes in recent years are also a sports shoes, and it is very good to match clothes.

In addition, the sports series of shoes is not stunned.

, Like a sports pants, a tattoo is a leisure style, and the sports shoes match the skirt is a mix and match style.

Sports shoes matching TIP: a high in shorts

Sneakers match, in summer preferred shorts.

Because shorts are cool and beautiful, and abnormal is high.

The shorts above the thighs are selected, and the slender legs are exposed, which is approximately in the middle of the thigh, so the overall leg can be present.

With sneakers, sneakers have a great feeling that is great, so it will be more proportional. You can choose the short section of the navel, which is high and thin.

Style 2: single shoes

In the summer, it is more suitable for choosing comfortable and casual shoes, so the high heels of the rustic feet are not very suitable, but the flat shoes are not only low-key, but also is very advanced.

Single shoes in flat shoes are the largest, single shoes refers to shoes made from single-layer skin or single-layer cloth, and the flat style is comfortable and comfortable.

. Whether it is a dress or a pants, sports shoes can be easily controlled.

Single shoes matching items: jeans VS semi skirt

Single shoes with jeans belong to comparison

Skilling, comfort, and leisure


Style, but it is best to choose

Nine-point jeans


, Nine-point jeans just exposed the length of the ankle, neither there will be the drag of the landing, and there will be no jealous pants, and it is just right.

Single shoes with a half skirt is true, the semi-skirt of the cover, the skirt is elegant and the senior match of single shoes, the whole is more fashionable.


Touch TIPS


1) Tracked system to dress – single shoes embellishment

The seven-point South French wind long sleeves, light yellow styles are very eye-catching, but more light colors seem to be new.


The irregular skirt with colorless semi-skirt is not unbiased in the length of the ankle, showing the appearance of ankle and the skinny

. Advanced and elegant, choose a white pointed single shoes, matching color, yellow and white (a bit like egg yolk with proteins).

2) Mix color matching – single shoes mix

White shirt, a little loose version, so wear a relatively lazy. With a bit of pink shorts, it looks like the color of the summer.


If you are white, you will be too dull, so choose a single shoes that are colored with clothes.

. Choose light yellow single shoes, hit pink shorts, fresh and natural.

Style 3: Slippers

Slippers is the most sleek and casual, but slippers also have unpacked slippers and half pack of slippers.

The no-packaged slippers are more cool, but there is no half-package slippers so official, and the half pack of slippers is usually a mix and match with other styles.

. It is like a combination of canvas shoes and combines with leather shoes.

Slippers Wear TIP: Echoability

The half pack of slippers, the material of the skin looks more advanced, and of course there is the original retro style of the leather shoes. But how to wear half a pack of slippers, the wearable weaner will never be wrong. Red half pack of slippers with black dress, this red and black match is also more advanced, but less coordination.



Select the bag of the same color as the shoe, it looks

And overall is also a comparative coordination and good look.

Style 4: Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes believe that the sisters are not strange, and the fliquels of the shoes are wrapped by canvas, and the canvas looks more and relax.

Canvas shoes are usually high and low.

High-top canvas shoes can be modified with legs, and there are sisters who are not straight at the calf and ankles. It is recommended to choose high-top canvas shoes.


. And low-top canvas shoes are comparable, very suitable for dress and trousers.

Wear TIP: shirt skirt with canvas shoes

On the choice of the canvas shoes, you can choose shirt skirt. The shirt skirt is a striped style will be more duty, there is a literary fan, but do not choose a fascinating horizontal stripe, choose a thin vertical stripe, it will be better.

Just good in the length of the calf belly, loose and white, and white canvas shoes are also very good. Shirt skirt can choose half sleeve design

Long sleeves look more tall and is more hot in the summer.

Hurry and throw away high heels, choose these four flat shoes: sports shoes, single shoes, slippers, canvas shoes, good-looking and comfortable.

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