Autumn wearing a knitted half-length dress is good, elegant and fashionable, Qiaoxin has a good look

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We are particularly hot in these two days, and the summer is almost in July. I am very envious of the northern classmates who have been in the fall. The autumn weather is cold, and the space in dressing is relatively large. I have seen the streets of the female stars in the fall, and I found that many people are wearing.

Knitted skirt


It is really good.

Knitted half-length skirt is a very distinctive single product. Own

Gentle lazy

The charm. It is also a single piece of a woman. Wearing the body and temperament, and there is a certain warmth, it is very suitable for the early autumn cool weather.

However, the benefits of knitted skirts are much better, but they want to do well. Let’s talk about what people are suitable for knitted skirts today, and how to do this knitted half-length skirt.

What is the characteristic of knitted skirt? Suitable for people to wear?


The characteristics of the knitted femto skirt are obvious, that is



. So this dress is very



of. If you have a small belly, thick waist, wide span these problems, then this knitted half-length skirt is not very suitable for you, especially with small belly, knitted half-length skirt will put your small belly Expatible, very uncomfortable.


So people who are bad, even if you like a knitted skirt, you don’t easily challenge this skirt. If your leg is good, then you can wear short knitted skirts, this skirt is also very suitable for a small friend.


The long-term knitted skirt is more atmospheric, and the woman is more rich. This length is very elegant in the knees near the knee, which is very elegant, which is very suitable for work. The skirt of this skirt is relatively narrow, and it is relatively elegant, young people can wear, the middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged woman in the four or five years old is also good.


Just with a narrow skirt in a long knitted skirt, the top must be loose. Otherwise it is not anger.

The long A-shaped knitted half of the fork is also very popular this year. This skirt is more hipster, and the requirements for the body are relatively low. It is also good to wear the legs of the legs.

The long-term fork skirt is also very wild, and the vest is good, and it is also good to match the upper clothes. You can create a variety of different styles. Young people can wear the sexy and charming this skirt, and the middle-aged woman can also wear this skirt. What kind of effect is to look at the style of your top.

The first autumn wearing a set of knit skirts, refreshing atmosphere and elegant fashion

If you like knitted skirts, but don’t want to worry, it’s best to wear

Complete knit set skirt


. It is very good to wear on the string on the chassis.

She wore a white short long sleeve loose small cardigan, the color and texture and the same knitted vest of the coat, and it is loaded with a white knitted little skirt. Her vest is still a waist. Fresh fashion has a fairy. Very stylish early autumn wearing.

In the fall, wear knitted short skirts, it is best to match a pair of boots, which can balance the impact of the short skirt. At the same time

Autumn respect



The combination of knitted short skirts and black boots is very type, there is a feeling that is just soft. Very temperament set of knitted skirts.


If you think the waist is a bit cold, or the waist is not suitable for exposure. It can also wear the knitted skirt. It is very good to wear like Qiaoxin.

She wore a set of brown knitted suit, this shirt is a brown lapel striped knit cardigan, she puts the hem of the cardigan into the skirt, which is high and neat.

When wearing a knitted suit, it is very high in the skirt, but this is not practical. Only those who are only particularly fine, because the jacket is joined into the knit skirt, it will be more fat. However, if you have a good figure like Qiaoxin, you can be free.

Qiao Xin’s brown knitted half-length skirt is a bowl, relatively long, so the shoes are not low, small white shoes are good, boots will be short.

Complete set of knitted skirts. This striped knitted blouse and knitted little skirt are quite good, and very


. You can choose a slightly loose style, or choose a lot code, so wear it in the air.


Like the top of this pink inserted knitting set is good. Top is a small windy knit cardigan, an atmosphere. The supporting skirt is a strip straight skirt and is relatively loose. Pulling is very comfortable. This suitable group of people is relatively wide, it is quite suitable for work in work.

In the early autumn wearing a long dress with knitted half skirt, elegant and gentle and temperament

Most of the knitted half-length skirt is a narrow skirt, and the lines of waist and hips are high. This is too tap if the waist is in the waist. If the body is not perfect, I want to wear a knitted half dress. What should I do? It is also very simple, it is to give this knitted half-length skirt.

Long top


Like this girl wearing, she wore a white little lapel long shirt, the dew knitted sweater in the beige and wheat, and the same knitting dress like a colored color. . Refreshing and atmospheric. And it is still more thin.

It is nice to wear a suit in the autumn wear, and it is also good to wear a suit and knitted skirt. For example, wearing a beige or khaki suit, with a khaki knitted half dress, it is very good, refreshing atmosphere and high level.

The knitted half-length skirt with suit is a variety of knitted skirts, long skirts, large swings or bag buttocks.

Everyone wears frequent wear or loose long sweater, or give this long clothes with a knitted skirt. It is also quite good. For example, the girl above the figure is good. A brown striped long sweater, with a brown bag hip boots, long knitted skirt. Elegant and fashionable.

Ok, I will talk about how to wear a knitted half-length skirt in autumn. Do you like this skirt?

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