Learn knowledge Bedhead background decoration, have you used it?

When sheep is going to go to the owner, I always like to pay attention to a place, that is the bedroom. Bedroom, is a place in our daily life, the bedroom decoration is good, it is possible to indirectly affect a person’s sleep quality, now more and more owners like to create a background wall in the bedroom, then bedroom bedside background How to design it? Yang Xiaobian found some real photos in the master’s home, let’s enjoy it together.




This is the most common bedroom bed decorative program, which can greatly improve the decorativeness of space on the wallpaper.

▲ Black iron frame for geolar. The owner takes into account the reasons why the room is to be loaded, in order to use the effect, the wallpaper of the bed is also black blue.


▲ The whole bedroom presents a full exotic style, the wall of the vintage wall, the top embedded medieval murals, through the architectural cave and Roman column of the landscape balcony, and demonstrate the love of classical art everywhere.

▲ This is full of flowers, and the colorful background wall is very eye-catching, all of which are drawn by the silk. The production process is complex, combined with traditional processes, naturally environmentally friendly, and has a role of insulation and sound insulation. The filament is very scratched, clear texture, smooth, is a luxurious art ornament.

▲ The owner of this case is engaged in fashion design, and the second-bedroom will also become her studio. European gorgeous wallpapers, fashion clipping on the wall, Chinese characteristic furniture, with a style that is unique to the hostess, highlights the double pursuit of texture and beauty.



Soft pad & soft bag

One decoration plan for comparison, more use in modern style.

▲ This decoration is also common in the current bedroom, regardless of age. Soft and comfortable cushion soft pads are suitable for reading before going to bed as a backrest, the comfort of the bedroom is excellent, select the style of unified style, you can get a good visual effect.



Decorative paintings

Decorative painting, whether it is a character, animal, or a flower abstract color block, no matter a few, it is in the bedroom, the first foot point of the line of sight, so it will neither think that the wall is very empty, you can bring art to the bedroom feel.

▲ The simplest decorative technique is often effective.

The owner has selected decorative paintings according to the Japanese style of the room, and the size of the space also considers it, and finally picks a satisfactory painting, and then match the right bedroom supplies.

▲ Taking into account the bedroom needs a sleep atmosphere, the decorative painting is preferred and smooth, and the color is also trying to avoid excessive strong and bright exaggeration.

▲ This bedroom is a combination of wallpapers and decorative paintings. The whole children’s room is most prominent. Wallpaper, bedspread, curtain, and two children’s image. Mainly with blue white as the main tone. This color is used, which makes people feel quiet and long. Draw a picture of a blue sky.




We often leave some small objects to the side, the bed of the bed cannot be too far away from us, the bedroom is a place to talk about comfort, and the convenience of the item is the comfort of this comfort.


▲ On the upper layer of the shelf, some small toys are placed, and the lower layer can put a hand of the phone and the cup.

Yang Xiaobian,

The bedside background wall in the bedroom, you can design, unique, and full of charm in your own ideas. Looking at the bedrooms of the grand owners, are you inspired?


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