Evaluation recommended 10 hydrating masks without spending money hydrating mask brand list

An excellent mask can effectively improve skin dry, dull skin, prevent aging. There are many membranes in the market, the effect is good, which mask hydrating effect is good? Xiaobian Today, I will give you a 10-year-old hydrating mask of the mouth.

The brand on the list is: Yue Lei, Dai Mei, Shi Xiquan, Estee Lauder, Biotherm, Shui, Tian Yan, Jayjun, Nerina, Ti Jialing,

Let’s take a look at the Xiaobian!

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Ttop.1 >>> Yue Lei Ice Spring Renewal Silk Mask 118RMB / 6P

Yue Lei Mask muscle bottom absorbs, deeply hydrating, from the inside into the skin, maintain the balance of skin moisture, enhance skin anti-wrinkle ability; more softly eliminate fine lines, improve dry, tightness; The surface of the skin creates a layer of natural protective film, locks the moisture, ensures the skin’s moisture, reshapes the young skin, prevents skin aging, shrinks the pores, improves wrinkles, increases the elasticity, tighters the skin, smooth, and smooth Reproduce the bright and soft, smooth and flexible.

Ttop.2 >>> 莱 美 美 肌 深 修 面 面 328RMB / 3P

High concentration physiologically active – fibroblast growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor, epidermal growth factor, can actively repair damaged cells, improve repair quality, to improve skin type, moisturizing anti-aging. Role. For postoperative skin, it can quickly repair damaged cells, significantly effectively, strong anti-wrinkles, and then complete skin.

Ttop.3 >>> Shi Xi Springs luxury hydrofiber mask 259RMB / 3P

Provide the most effective hydration ingredients for the skin, effectively antioxidant, anti-radiation, reduce the loss of moisture in the skin, and converge in the skin, refine the pores, promote the skin metabolism, so that the skin is glow.

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Ttop.4 >>> Estee Lauder Elastic Federation Solden Mask 480RMB / 75ML

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Extraction Even in tightening of the skin. The new ingredients AliSTIN help inhibit the production of glycerol reactions, enzymes and proteins to promote the skin’s optimum energy level and natural collagen, and the skin restores double elasticity.

Ttop.5 >>> Biotherm source essential repair mask 390RMB / 75ML

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Miracle repair mask contains 5% high concentrations of source essence Life PlanktonTM, can accelerate the metabolism of myopathy cells, activate skin autonomous absorption source, enhance skin resistance. Its powerful skin repairing force, effectively slowing down the skin redness, and eliminating the fade and tiredness. The skin gets the ultimate soothing, from deep reward, skin blooms healthy.

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Ttop.6 >>> 秀 爱 人 参 水 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 精

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Technology opens the water pulse, and herbs have a new muscle. The use of low-temperature extraction technology and Japan’s low temperature extraction technology and the pure electrolytic water technology of Japan make the ginseng refinement more efficient, and the permeability of the skin is directly reached with the leather layer.

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Ttop.7 >>> Tianxi marine energy polar moisturizing mask 180RMB / 6P

Deep Sea Energy Skin Factor Extraction Self-survive in California rich in microorganisms in the depth of the radicals of free radicals, enhances the integrity of the skin, avoiding the loss of skin caused by free radical oxidation; wrinkles, also known as red algae, With soothing, moisturizing and conditioning efficacy, with skin surface film formation properties.

Ttop.8 >>> Jayjun placentae whitening mask 280RMB / 5P

Siliculous plant cellulose mask material he has different tight feelings with the current mask, gives your skin more elastic to lose your skin; Oil, Australian nut oil, the same oil ingredients and moisturizing ingredients help regulate the emulsion-type mask of oil moisture, more softly absorbed into the skin, making the skin more moisturizing.

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Ttop.9 >>> Narina Dujing City frost elastic tight mask 118RMB / 30ML

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Set 6 top SPA core formula, creating a gold micro-carving beauty effect in just 7 days, bringing “firming. Finals, fine. Water penetration. Youth” beautiful muscles 5, and enjoy the SPA luxury pet experience , Tired, light, tightening the contour, brighter skin tone, clean, and touch, soft.

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜

Ttop.10 >>> Tijia Ting repair new live soothing surface film 158RMB / 5P

Four heavy snow grass, only one piece, give the skin’s profiling and snow essence repair force, and cool the skin for discomfort and sun. Plant fiber mask cloth, soft skin and soft care; Snow grass soothing repair ingredients soothing skin discomfort, refreshing care of the skin.

测评推荐10款补水面膜不花冤枉钱 补水面膜品牌排行榜


The hydrating mask is essential for skin care, especially for dryness, sensitive skin. The Yue Lei Ice Spring Renewal Silk Mask in the top of the list can quickly inject moisture nourishing muscles in the skin and lock moisture. Firming the live face, multi-nourishing ingredients improve relaxation and restore skin vitality. What is your favorite? Berna / Wen