Supernatural powder toot lip, I used Lancome this ……

Two days before the fans gave me private messages, ask me to recommend a special nature does not upstage the pale pink lipstick –


Blessings, I know! !


Just want to kind of

The mouth toot powder supernatural effects


Right ~

In the eyes of straight men do not see your lipstick, but looking at the color, super, pink mouth moist simply do not get too cute! !


In order to be a fan of the needs of the baby, my most important

Lancome Rouge In Love lipcolor # 345B this

, Pick out a color test to show you!

Let me talk about appearance

Compared to a lot of Diablo series lipstick casing, lipstick or only knock the United States, a small fine

Matte silver shell

, Accompanied by representatives of its color

Pink Label Series and patterns

Or pretty girls drop rhythm ~


See separate after opening the lid with the paste is wonderful shimmering cherry powder, that this would be more bright saturated color started again quite moist and transparent, and after the superposed layers may good satin-like texture, a little bit fluorescence sense ~


Thin coating ↓


Impasto ↓

A thin coating on the mouthpiece



Transparent moist texture

, The mouth thin coating color was not high but very natural, generally covering power,

I own a little reddish lip color belonging to the ~


But in fact the whole show is indeed a mouth toot powder pink cream


Thick coating on the mouth

After the thick coating so it seems with a thin coating color difference is not large, it will color a little, but it does not completely cover the lip color Ha ~



This color is indeed pick color, color black sister who is certainly not fit – but only in durability in general. But the victory opened in texture particularly good moisture and good discharge ~ Finally, it does not feel good to help spread and strict requirements of the lip will one day pay attention to exfoliate before use oh ~

Well, here today to share friends ~ what content you want to see what can be




Tell me oh ~

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