[Nursing Science] and you talk about the old people to choose that thing

What is the attention of the elderly clothes?

What should I pay attention to when I take the old man?

Today, we will introduce you to several elderly people to choose a book.

Collection 1: Material skin-friendly cotton

The elderly is old, the skin is thin, and the cotton material is ventilated, and the moisture absorption is better, and people feel comfortable.

Collection 2: Accessories streamline less decoration


Some old people have a decline in cognition, or an unfavorable problem, so the garment should be avoided to avoid large-scale spike-shaped decoration, metal ring, etc. Tools.

Collection of books: pants are easy to wear

The old man’s hand is not flexible, the balance ability is poor, and it may cause unnecessary trouble, such as urine pants, fall. Therefore, it is more convenient to operate the elderly without a belt without the need to unob.

Collection of the book: 夸 老人 easy to dress

The old man sometimes has a time-age, and it will force the old people to achieve the emotions of the elderly. In this case, you can choose the right clothes in accordance with the color, style, and material you like.

I can buy more costumes with the elderly. It is convenient to replace. Furthermore, when the season is more replaced, you can step by step, inform the old man to increase or decrease the clothes, help the elderly know the seasonal changes, cooperate with clothes.

Collection 5: Information records anti-lost

Summary in the trousers outside the old man or printed on the name of the old man, contact the phone, when the old man is lost or lost due to illness, can increase the opportunity to find.

In short, the key point for the elderly to choose apparel is convenient, comfortable, ensuring the stretch of the body limbs and reduces the sense of binding. The above is my suggestion, I hope to help you in the elderly to choose clothes, so that the elderly are more comfortable and safer.

About the Author:

Xie Ran: Beijing Elderly Hospital spiritual psychology is engaged in clinical nursing for more than 10 years. It is currently working on the department of the department, the appraisal group secretary, the pressure siphon contact, etc., good at cognitive care, music treatment, etc. of patients with dementia.