Super cute children’s clothing suit, the mother of the hands and the mother will come to you.

Super cute children’s clothing set, sewing is very simple. It can easily do two sets in half a day.


Today, share a wide range of children’s clothing sets.

I really like it, super cute super cute. Dabao Xiaobao, find someone else. . .

Let’s take a look at the style picture

The practice of pants can be made into loose mouth and signs. Both are all very good.


Is it very cute?

Ok, no nonsense.

Cropped cutting, my family Xiaobao. 100 yards cutting

Drawing unit centimeter

Top, foot shoulder sleeves, comfortable.


The sleeves are only half, and the sleeve center is folded.

Pants, too loose! It is good to make a whole before and after.

Don’t want to add a bib, it is the effect of black.


Requires other numbers to perform pushing plates according to the following size table

I don’t understand the picture above, I will join my children’s clothing circle for system learning.


Click on the circle card below to enter


I will no longer share my mother. You can do one by the effect of the picture.

Let’s talk about the production process and sewing process of the suit

Fabric selection, top, cotton knitted. Pants fine lines

After the drawing is made, cut the cutting edge

Sewing super simple, sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew seven — Completed

It is to say here that the sewing of the neckline, the sewing of the neckline must do a pair mark, respectively oppose the neighborhood

The neckline of such sewing can be symmetrical, and the rear neckline can be handled.

When the cuffs are sewing, they must be flat to pull the cache to deform the cage.

Next, pants

Pants are in the position of the picture, do a good job.

Sewing in the inner seam, crotch. The ribs in the waist can be sewed.

After the side of the foot is 0.5cm, the position of 3cm from the distance is sewn


Ok, a set of clothes will be completed.

I believe there is a quick hand in the group, I can wear new clothes tomorrow. . .


Is it super simple! ! !


Let’s do it.


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