White loose lace shirt, temperament V collar model. Attached m code. Dong Ping

Today, share a fairy shirt style. I like the style, you can have a bit old recently, and it feels a bit tender. I sent it to you the day before yesterday, I found that so many people like it, then do it. . . After doing well, the children said that they are particularly beautiful, beautiful. . .

Take a look at the style renderings

There are a lot of people say that there is no different fabric. In fact, there is no need for a fabric, we can try with all kinds of fabrics, there will be different surprises. I also hope that everyone can use different fabrics to interpret different style, bloom in the comment area. . . Let everyone enjoy a different scenery in the comment area, and make a different inspiration. . .

The style is relatively loose, and I will share M Code Scissor today today.

The cutting of the cutting of 30 cm loose amount on the basis of the pure body bust, the micro-fat can add some loose amount, the effect is also very good, but also a good effect of slimming

Cuffs and deep calculation formula: bust / 4-3.5cm

The other number type can be pushed by a diagram of a length of 0.5cm in the length of 6cm and a length of 1cm sleeve.

Trimming is a general suitcrew style structure, and the shoulder dialators can extend the plate. If you don’t understand, you can see the latest version of the version of my latest version of the cropping, which should be more understanding.

The cuffs are a rectangular strip, do four 1 cm deep pleats, stand up. Cuffding

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Sewing process and sewing process

The selection of fabrics, cotton lace, this lace fabric is very good, it is to be careful when wearing it, it is easy to hang it.


There is no special limit on the fabric, as long as the droop is not too big.

The fabric must first shrink before cutting

After combining the top criteria and its own body type, cut the sewing edge according to different sewing processes

Need accessories, cloth lining and rubbles

Cropped doors need to be fastened after sticking.


Sewing process: first spell the front and retrograde lines, can add the lace they like in the seam

After the cuff doing pleated, the sleeve is platen, the sleeve is sutured, and the length of the cuffs, the length of the rubber band is more than about 3 cm from the purge arm.


After the cage is stitched with the body, the neckline is handled in.


Stuffed sewing front door tube



Ok, the finished product is completed.

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thank you all! ! !

White loose lace shirt, temperament V collar model. Attached m code. Dong Ping