The best practice of the halogen cattle tonic meat is here.

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Niu Jianzi 4


Pepper, star anise, fragrant, fragrant leaf, cinnamon


Two large pieces of rock sugar

Sketch, old pumping

Wine, appropriate amount

2 tablespoons of lard

Onion ginger garlic

Dried chili


Practice steps

1, Niu Jianzi meat is marinated for four days in advance, first come to water, wash

2, then add appropriate amount of cold water to various seasoning materials, and green onions, small onions

3, the fire can boil the small fire to simmer 40 minutes or so

4, plus a large lasp in the middle, I personally think that the beef that makes it makes.

5, the beef halo is removed, the brine soup is left under the following, and the powder is tasteless.

6, the beef sliced ​​of the halorated vinegar and chili sauce eat, when snacks can eat, it is really snacks.




When halo is beef, it must be noted that when the beef halo is too bad, it will not make it breath.

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