The best cost-effective jacket brand for the people

As a whole-weather clothes, the jacket is deeply affected by the people.

Although the jacket is currently in a lot of industry work standards, this will not show that the jacket function is powerful, is it suitable for all-weather?

These are sought after by challenging ultimate applicants compared to the initiator birds, mammoths, minigers, etc. The people are needed to get grounding, and the price can be accepted.

Ability to work, life, travel, occasionally next rain, can block the rain, cover the wind.

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10 high cost-effective jacket brand

The list is as follows:

1, Colombia


Founded in 1938 Portland, Oregon, Oregon, has a long history of more than 80 years, adheres to the brand gene of field testing culture, through product delivery brand, combined with comfortable design, make consumers enjoy the fun of outdoor . In 2015, Columbia globally promoted the brand to the consumer in the new slogan “TESTED TOUGH”.

Colombia’s jacket prices are usually between 500 ~ 1000, and the styles of fashionable novel stores in the country are a lot. Easy to choose.

2, wolf claw

Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Germany. It is the largest outdoor sports brand in Germany, and is also one of the most important brands in Europe outdoor markets.

As the first brand of Germany, Jack Wolfskin has been uniquely designed, high-quality, and is known from the unique design and superior quality. Jack Wolfskin believes that outdoor sports should be a pleasure, and outdoor enthusiasts can always feel “At Home Outdooors” when using equipment. In 2007, Jack Wolfskin plans to selectively introduce some product lines into the Chinese market in October, like tents, backpacks, clothing, etc.

The jacket price of the wolf claws is usually between 500 ~ 1000, and the style is stylish. There are a lot in domestic stores and counters. Easy to choose.

3, north

Founded in 1966, headquartered in California. The name of the north originates from “The most cold, most difficult to climb in the mountain”, and the Logo source is Half Dome, from the mountains of Yosemite National Park, Calif, Yosemite National Park. Its splicing jacket is designed and is the benchmark of the fashion world.

Northern creative

Logo is set on the back

The initial intention is to climb,

When people under the foot take a photo of the mountain, it still exposes the brand on the clothes on the upper person.

Northern clothes are very good in the student population. But this also shows its young fashion, and the style is changed. The price is not expensive. Most importantly, all major shopping malls in the country are available. It is very convenient to pick up.

4, the path


Founded in 1999, specializing in the development and design, organizing outsourcing and production of outdoor products. Pathfinder is the mission of “Building a Brand, Sharing Outdoor Sunshine Life”, with “Providing Weekly Outdoor Protection” as the brand foundation. In 13 years, it supported the Chinese Northeast Expedition. Have a low-temperature laboratories with only 10,000 square meters of a building area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters.

Pathfinder, brave heart. Although the pathpent has recently declined in professional outdoor products. But the city style is still very good. There are also many specialty stores and counters in the same country. The price is not expensive, and it is very cost-effective.

5, Decathlon

Decathlon is France’s sporting supplier, founded in 1976, positioning is a comprehensive sports outdoor brand, and you can purchase in Decathlon for all costumes and instruments about sports.

The characteristics are ultra-high cost performance, and it is true that Decathlon is really achieved by supply chain and global layout Decathlon.

Decathlon has a jacket, mainly the ODT series, and the style is very aesthetic than other clothing in his home.


Decathlon is basically available in major cities, and the purchase is also very convenient. The price is not expensive, cost-effective.

6, camel

Camel Jackets are newly developed product lines of Camel camel brand, with windproof, waterproof, breathable, comfortable to maximum, is a professional outdoor jacket.


In 2013, camels outdoors for the international level of the top events, China Urna Rally, tailorned the desert super jacket for the river, Gobi, desert and other harsh environments. In 2015, the camel joined hands with Mango Goddess Shen Mengchen, opened the “Camel’s Dream Green Indifference” Tengger Desert Crossing Challenge Tour, and on the basis of 1.0 PRO, improved the breathable performance of the implicit fabric, and added adjustable Hidden axillary zipper, rapidly wicking, 2.0 PRO came into being. Not long ago, the Camel Desert Super Jacket, which is recommended by the International Goddess Fan Bingbing 3.0 PRO innovation, once again set off outdoor storm. This time, the camel will impact the waterproof, the breathable index increase from 8000 to 1000, and the performance indicators are twice as much as the previous jacket, trying to break through the boundary of the function again.



Camels as domestic brands, many national stores and counters. Easy to buy. The price is not expensive.

7, Kay Rock


Founded in 1968, it was one of the three major world climbing brands. It is 2020 Tokyo Olympic China National Climbing Equipment Suppliers and Chief Sponsors. The Kayo name is from the Kailash, which is located in Tibet, China. Kaili brand slogan: only to climb; brand mission: strive to promote high-altitude mountaineering and global rock climbing development; dedicated to product lightweight revolution, fast, higher, farther.


Kaile stone as a representative of domestic outdoor brands, a lot of national stores and counters. In the middle of the jacket, there are high-end series. Easy to buy. But the price is relative to other domestic brands, there may be some small expensive.

8, Oosoka


Ozark (Oosota) was established in 1996 by Switzerland outdoor fan. Oceo has always adhered to the concept of “changing your lifestyle”, advocating the spirit of natural experience and challenge outdoor, to ensure the high quality of products, continuously develop more advanced, more comfortable, more professional mountaineering and outdoor equipment to meet Demand of China’s outdoor enthusiasts.

Ospuck represents the purest outdoor spirit. Ozark is a pure and natural mountain in Kentucky, North America and Missouri, and Oosoka brand’s enthusiasm for outdoor sports is from this.

As one of the representatives of domestic outdoor brands, Oceo is a lot of national stores and counters, and it is convenient to buy.


9, Bethn and Pelliot

Founded in 2012, from urban life and natural beauty, explore the intertwined of fashion and technology, providing new outdoor wear experience in advocating freedom and active progress. In 2017, Bethn and launched a jacket. It is designed by China’s famous clothing designer Wang Peiyi, with “this really self” as the design inspiration, increases creative details such as cuffling, word pattern, and division, becoming Burshi and classic products.

Bethn and as a domestic emerging brand, the current development momentum is more fierce, and it is convenient to buy.


10, Musk

Founded in 2005, Muska is mainly used in hiking, mountaineering, camping, skiing and other outdoor sports and leisure projects. The products covers four series of clothing, outdoor shoes, backpacks, accessories, more than 70 products. Outdoor clothing is the company’s main products, accounting for 60% of total sales, autumn and winter classes, causing velvet, down jacket, etc. Mainstream product line of outdoor sportswear. The company’s products are positioned in moderate consumers, with young people from 28 to 38 years old.

The above 10 shroud brands suitable for the people, do you like it? Welcome to participate in discussions and leave a message.