For 2 years, I still remember him with special faces, a Tang, a “sister”

Xiaohong, who came to check, she watched me, asked: Zeng doctor, why do you pay attention to Down screening? What is the long way to do so?

Yes! I don’t even know what Don, is of course not afraid. I told Xiaohong.

In our country, there is a Down’s birth every 20 minutes, and Donner’s life cannot be self-careless and carrying multi-system complications due to serious mental intelligence, and it will bring heavy spirit and economy to the family. burden.

Speaking of Tang’s children, reminding me of him two years ago. At that time, I went to a friend’s rehabilitation hospital to find her. I saw the first time I saw in my life. His surface is hidden with a stupid stupid. My friend taught me “sister”, he Out of the smile, I have been watching me “Oh …”, I played him for a while, he slowly spit out the word “sister”. My friend told me that he had lived in her hospital for two years. The family rarely came to see him. It was two or three times a year, and he also lived in this hospital. Every day, grandparents from this ward, play another ward. Uncle Auntie, coupled with the hospital’s active rehabilitation treatment, he didn’t talk about the original communication now, he is very progress.

Down’s rehabilitation training

Looking at him, I can imagine that his family is helpless and distressed when he is at the time. because,

Every time mommy wants to be healthy, smart, cute, and will grow carelessly in the future.


. But once the child is confirmed that the Tang’s mental obstacles will be accompanied by children’s life, and he will face a variety of problems and challenges. Ok, say so much, now we will come into the theme, know and understand Tang’s children.

First, what is the Tang?

Tang’s children refers to children with 21 tri-body syndrome, mainly because the baby’s congenital gene lacks a congenital immunodeflative disease caused by a fragment. It is only two 21 chromosomes. And the Tang’s children have 3 chromosomes than that of our usual, a chromosome, is a disease of abnormal chromosomes. According to medical records, most Tang’s children are serious.

Intelligent barrier

The intelligence is lower than normal, so the 21 tri-body syndrome is also known as congenital foolish or Down syndrome.

21 tri-body syndrome

Moreover, Tang’s children will accompany other physical problems, nearly half of patients have complex

Congenital heart disease

Other deformities, due to low immune function, easy to suffer from various infectious diseases,



The incidence is 10 ~ 30 times higher than that of ordinary people. so,

The life of Tang’s life is almost self-careful, short life, and the average age is not high.

. If it can be survived to adult, it is often a symptom of senile dementia after 30 years.


Second, what is the different symptom of Down?

1, external facial features

. Down’s baby’s most obvious special face is a five sense. The distance between the two eyes is wider, the nose is flat, the outer corners are picked up, and there is inside the skin, the outer ear is small, the tongue is short and fat, can not be completely closed In the mouth, it is often constantly fluid.

2, identity characteristics

. The hair is fine and scarce, and the back is flat. The whole head is smaller than normal; the neck is short; the teeth are growing slowly and often displays, they are not uniform; the limbs are short, due to the ligament, the joint can be Over-curvature, thick finger, small finger, neutral development, make the small point to bend, the bone, the bone, the palm of the palm is shifted to the far end, commonly connected to the palm, the grass, the squid, the pneumon ball is about half the child Skin pattern.


3, the intelligence is relatively frequently low

. This is also one of the most obvious characteristics of Down, IQ is generally between 20 and 50 (normal IQ is greater than 90), and gradually becomes more obvious with age.

4, the body is slow

. Action development and sexual development is slower than usual, male Tang’s children grow up to adolescence, nor will there be a fertility, while women have menstruation after growing up, and there is likely to give birth.

Third, who is easy to live in Tang?

1, senior mother.

Senior women are easy to have a common sense of Tang’s children.

Pregnant women are bigger, the higher the risk, the higher the risk,

It is generally noticed that children will take special attention after 35 years old. In addition, if the husband is relatively large, it is necessary to consider this possibility. At present, the parent has led to about 7% of the proportion of the birth of the birth.


2, pregnant women have been infected with viral


. Very variety of viral infections, including influenza viruses, rubella viruses, etc., will increase the possibility of Down’s birth. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to viral infections during pregnancy, check the probability of echocomized projects before pregnancy and early pregnancy, exclude the possibility of viral infection, if it is pregnant, there is a infected virus, it is necessary to completely rehabilitate pregnancy.

Be cautious during pregnancy

3. Before and after pregnancy, pregnant women take drugs that lead to malformations

. Such as tetracycline, etc., in some special cases, pregnant women need to take some drugs during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, these drugs will affect the baby in the fetus.

4, pregnant women who are intimate contact with pets or long-term pows.

The cat dog has bacteria, viruses, and the harmful microorganisms carrying the harmful microorganisms will lead to fetal malformations, so if you can try not to raise your pet during pregnancy; really like pets, it is best to fill in relatives and friends during pregnancy , Then pick it back when there is energy to breed after production.

Fourth, how to avoid giving birth to Tang?

A Tang’s influence is so big for a family, and as of now,

Medically, the treatment means for Down’s children

. The best way is to avoid the birth rate of Tang, or reduce birth rate, then what should we do?

1. Avoid effective measures for Down’s birth

Prenatal care

Generally, the pregnant women will check regularly during pregnancy, so it can promptly understand the baby’s physical condition and timely manipulation.

2, during pregnancy, appropriate exercise, improve personal physical fitness, to avoid infection from bacterial and viruses. If there is any uncomfortable symptom, you need to use it carefully. If you should judge the doctor after treatment, what medicine should use.

3, pregnancy

Down’s screening

This is the venous blood to extract pregnant women by testing, detecting the concentration of mafenjia protein, cashmere gland hormone and free fever, combined with pregnant women, and in combination with pregnant women.

Congenital intelligence defects (ie Down’s children).

If it is a screening to high risk, it is necessary to further carry out non-invasive DNA testing or amniotic fluid puncture, and the results are confirmed that it is the best way to carry out


Termination of pregnancy and avoiding the birth of Tang.

Every child’s arrival is a big gift to a family, I hope that when you receive this gift, it is happy, happy, good “pregnancy”!

Prenatal care