“Fur” is the “” of the winter, this year, this year, this year is wearing, fashionable and atmospheric

Fur has always been luxurious, tangible, especially in cold winter, beautiful and warm fur with strong gas field, became the street “子”, recently these annual fur and environmental protection became an international The topic of continuous argument, many international big names have also quit the race of fur, turning to artificial fur, in fact, does not lose natural fur, even more fashionable, one change, the impression of the old mink coat, this year is popular this year , Fashionable and atmospheric!


The mating of fur and cheongsam is a classic combination of fashion world. Many people are watching “Jinling Thirteen”, they are deeply fascinated by Ni Ni’s charming enchanting, and ignore other sisters, Gu Wei’s body Style, bright gorgeous cheongsam, art prints, with Chinese retro charm, with leopard herb coat, highlighting the wilderness of the wild, raising the endless style.

Yichun, this black printing cheongsam dress, bright flowers bloom, filled with charming and affectionate women, with a black fur coat, low-key, luxurious and expensive, cheongsam, the hurricane A kind, Yichun stepping on a black high heel, with retro hand pushing wave hairstyle, delicate and bright Shuyuan temperament.


Of course, the classical cheongsam has a unique nostalgic charm. It hides a plot in memory, the style, the modern cheongsam is also combined with the bottom fashion elements, more in line with the aesthetic aesthetics, and the artificial fur is also more fresh and happy. The hue, with the fashion design, you can freely release the noble and quiet intellectual charm, let people feel the heart.

The fur didn’t have to look at the “can’t afford”, a little dotted and small area decoration, it is enough to move, this attacked coat visually gentle, there is no extra embellment, just The collar is in the fur fur collar, and you can take a good gas field in an instant, and the red knitted cheongsam, the collision on color will not be complicated, simple and advanced.

Lake green wool coat, fresh and elegant, gentle visual, both skin and young and fashionable, simple and smooth, the collar is inlaid, the necklace is inlaid, the warm and discounted, several Yincun pearl buckles sequentially Pretty in the smart, one piece of knitted cheongsam, simple and high-level feelings of warmth, urban lady.

The pleasing fur small coat, self-vented filter effect, will be fresh and beautiful, warm water is still luxurious, such as the warm sun in winter, clear the whole person’s mood, the collar is warm, embellant one Beautiful brooch is elegant, silhouette is thin, wavy hem adds soft temperament, with black cheongsam bottom, elegant knowledge.


White rabbit hair curls, clean simple, vertical striped hair strips, do not look bloated, round neckline reveals the root of cheongsam, elegant, and the cuffs show a little with the neckline and hem, cheongsam Skirt swaying, step on a pair of high heels, full of elegant and noble ladies, do not fall!


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