Where is the electric tall towel rack, it is very important to do a good job?

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Electric torque rack

One is a moisture-proof cold, one is to dry disinfection. However, many friends buy it after buying, but I feel that there is a headache installed. Everyone’s toilet design is also different, but as long as the following methods are installed, the basic problem can be solved, today will take you to see different types of installations. method.

Electric water heating electric towel rack – Foshan Olympics

Olympic electric hot towel rack

Installation location requirements and principles

First, avoid installing near the shower

Everyone knows that the basic bathroom will have a dry and wet partition. Although the electric heating towel rack has a certain waterproof level, the general situation will not be installed in the wet area of ​​the bathroom, especially the shower room, can cause the towel to repeatedly wet. So suitable for the spatial position of the waslement, away from the shower.

Second, the high degree should be suitable, follow the conditions

The installation location requires the design of the height and convenience of the home, and it cannot be installed too low or too high, otherwise it will be very inconvenient. It is usually better to use resources on the original socket.

Third, the idle place can be used

The space of the bathroom itself is small, so the general electric hot towel rack is mounted in the vacant area of ​​the bathroom, but we must ensure that the location is convenient. Often, the following position is well installed, more convenient.

1. Next to washbasin: Universal sockets such as hair dryers are generally installed next to the bathroom washbasin. The electric hot towel rack is mounted on the side of the washboard, not only convenient for the placement and heating of the towel, but it is convenient to not consider the socket.

2. Above or side above the bathtub: upper or side above the bathtub can be installed on the side, which is convenient to take a bath, warm surrounding air, avoid colds.

Installation height can refer to these points below

1. Towel is 900-40 cm high,

2. Towel rod is 110-120 cm high;

3. The distance between the bottom of the towel rack and the shoulder table is 55cm.

4. Towel stand is generally 1. 5 meters or so,

The bath tissue is mounted above the bathtub, which is generally opposite the faucet, 160cm from the ground.

The above is the best position for the installation of the electric heating towel. You can choose your own, reasonably use the bathroom space.

In fact,

It is already very popular in the use of European and American countries, but in China is still in its infancy. In fact, they are also towel racks, but they are more fashionable, humanized, and advanced than ordinary towels.

Xiaoao believes that electric hot towels must be a very popular good thing in future furniture.

As a big hot home, it has become a collection list of explosions! Can improve your quality and happiness, care your health!

Electric torque rack

Electric torque rack

Electric torque rack


Electric torque rack