Which of the gods in the novel exists – talk about cold weapons

Generalized cold weapons refer to all combat equipment in the era of cold weapons.

1. The weapon has since ancient times, the ancient Chinese weapon is not only for the defense, sometimes it is a symbol of the status of the person, “the big thing in the country, in the”, and the weapons in ancient countries in ancient countries. The advanced extent of weapons often determines a country’s strength or not.

小说里的那些神兵 哪些是存在的——浅谈冷兵器

From the cold weapon category, it can be divided into eighteen, that is, the eighteen weapons that people say: knives, guns, swords, swords, ax, hooks, hooks, forks, whip, hammer, hammer, scratch, boring , 槊, stick, abduction, meteor.

小说里的那些神兵 哪些是存在的——浅谈冷兵器

In the martial arts novel, the role of the weapon is made by myth, such as Xiao Li Fei, a peerless sword, etc.

The characters in classical novels are also equipped with extraordinary weapons: Guan Gong Qinglong, the month, Zhang Fei’s eight snake spear, Lu Bufang Tianli, etc.

China’s cold weapon development

小说里的那些神兵 哪些是存在的——浅谈冷兵器

The ancient Chinese weapons can be divided into three stages. First of all, the prehistoric period, from archeology, the stone age, we call this stage of the weapon of stone age.

After starting bronze smelting, the main material of the weapon began to become bronze. We call this period of weapons for the weapons of the bronze era. After people know how metal’s smelting, this time the main material of the army used by the army is also changed to steel, it entered the weapon of the iron era.

The original society turned to the slave society, and the plundering war became increasingly frequent, and the weapons and martial arts used for combat. Xia Dynasty is still along the stone weapon, but has improved, with a small amount of bronze weapons. To business, the military uses bronze weapons has been more common, and the types of weapons have increased, and the quality has improved. In 1953, there was a copper spearhead, copper hook, copper, copper knife, copper ax, copper cluster, etc. in Anyang, Henan, Henan Province. In addition, in Shandong Province, it unearthed the weapons of Shang Dynasties, copper head, and Tonggu.

小说里的那些神兵 哪些是存在的——浅谈冷兵器

The west weapon has been further diversified, and the long soldiers in this period are:,, 钺, spear, ax, etc. The short soldiers have knives, swords, etc. These weapons are more copper,

The type of ancient Chinese weapons is the world’s most, not completely because of the aristocrats in that age, but also because of the burial and thickness system. As a result, the bronze weapons are also unearthed in the tomb of the nobles. Such as the king got of swords, Wu Wangfu poke, many weapons are from the important travers, the process deliberately refine, condense the high intelligence and skills, non-ordinary utensils comparable. According to the annual records and a large number of uneartherbs, there are gorsse, spmon, spear, 殳, ax, 钺, hammer, cone, knife, sword, dagger, etc., and widely used in war. When fighting, the soldiers, the iron ax, the iron ax, the iron knife, the iron, and the iron spear are used. In the Han Dynasty, he completed the transition of the copper weapon to the iron weapon. During the three countries, the copper weapon had basically withdrawn from the historical stage, evolving into the general period of the iron weapon. According to “Patterns”: “Wei Qizi Cao Yu chose Chu Yue good industrial iron knife, iron sword, iron dagger, and refined, as for the hundred (ie, exercise hundreds).” The leap in this weapon is bound to propose higher requirements for the skills of using weapons, thus promoting the development of martial arts. In the Iron Tang Dynasties, the long weapons are dominated by spears, guns and long knives.

According to the “New Tang Book”, “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” This shows that Tang will make good use of spear and skillful skills. Short weapons are dominated by a knife. The sword has lost the value of the actual combat, and became the laws and folk martial arts equipment. Swords have always been one of people’s favorite martial arts projects, and the wind of the Pepper has long been in. According to legend, the poetry, Li Bai often dances the sword, and the friend Cui Zongzhi praised him: “Dance Dancing the sword, all the four, the Tang Dynasty returned, the structure of the arch is exquisite, the specifications are diverse, according to the” Tang Liu Di “, the bow has a long bow, a corner bow, etc. 4 kinds, 擘 张 弩, corner bow, etc., the arrow also has 4 kinds of bamboo arrows, wooden arrows.

On the occasion of Song and Yuanzhi, there is a so-called “18th Wushu”. In fact, “Eighteen” is just a general, it is actually far more than this. According to Song people, “Wu Jing’s general” records, there are 18 kinds of long-rod iron guns, and there are 8 kinds of long stems, including 17 kinds of short weapons, such as hand knife, squid, iron whip, iron, iron Sword, big ax, rustling, hook rod, etc. The famous “Pear Flower Gun” is produced in the Song Dynasty, and its gun method has evolved to the extent of soff. The Baodian weapon is fine and practical. According to Mao Yuanyi’s “Wushu Zhi”, there are 6 kinds of iron guns, and 7 kinds of knives. There are also flying hooks, horses, horses, pear, wolf (long gun), Shuangfei, flying hammer, Tuyu and other weapons, and 6 kinds of fire guns. In the Ming Dynasty, “Eighteen Wushu” has specific content. Ming people thank the “five miscellaneous” volume five in the record: “He also 18? A bow, two bows, three shots, four knives, five swords, six to seven shields, eight ax, nine, ten , Eleven whip, twelve swings, 13th, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen palladium, seven-seven-shelf rope, 18 white hit. ” “Eighteen martial arts” is telling the skills of drill weapons, so its first seventeen is the name of the weapon. The eighteenth is “white play”, and the “Incomcal Tabs” in the Ming Dynasty. The weapons in the Qing Dynasty were similar in the Ming Dynasty, but there were more varieties. Take a knife, there is a big knife, blue knife, spring and autumn big knife, three pointed two-edged knife, large ring knife, phoenix knife, plum knife, waist knife, war knife, seedling knife, Zhuang pointer, Yi people … no more than 10 kinds . In addition, fork, grab, abduction,, ax, shield, hook, 殳, hammer,,, stick, thorn,, 钺, palladium, teeth, shovel, etc. more. The multi-mode, which makes the content of martial arts colorful. After the founding of New China, with the needs of martial arts training and competition, the specifications of common instruments such as knives, guns, swords, and sticks have made specific requirements for weight, length, thickness, and equipment production materials, and the martial arts level. The improvement has promoted.