Gu Ganza really is “Yan Yishi”, pink flower dress real personality, sweet and elegant

No wonder there so many people like

Formal dress


The dresses are changing, the design is bold, and it has a feeling of elegant atmosphere. It is really hard to make people feel

In our lives, although there is no usual touch dress, it still can’t stop the love of dress skirt, especially when the star wears a dress.

Red carpet

At the time, the eyes of the eyes will be able to attract people’s eyes. Many people sigh that the stars are really beautiful, in fact, this is also inseparable from the design of the dress itself.

The year is approaching, I believe that many big companies have begun to prepare

Summary and annual meeting

At this time, the ordinary person wear a dress to show yourself.

Different styles

The dress can also help us better find the style of dress that suits you.

No wonder woman loves dress skirt, Gu Lina is tied “

Flower dress

“Sweet and elegant, super beautiful. But Gu Liangzi really” is as Yanhe “,

Pink flower dress

True personality, sweet and elegant, look real

Girl feeling

More to show

Fashion atmosphere

Sweet and elegant feelings.

Wearing ideas in dress

● Personality design is very eye-catching

Wearing a dress is to make your own fashion,



Better show, when choosing the design of the dress skirt, you may wish to be bold, trying everyday uncommon

Version and design

Can better show the difference between the dress skirt.


For example, adopt eye-catching color, personalized high-level splicing design, sweet and elegant

Water leaves design

Can get the quality of the dress skirt

Quality improvement


Various designs also have different styles. If you want to try a sweet and elegant, you can choose a bold lotus leaf design, multi-storey

Loetry leaf edge

It creates fluffy and pleated feelings, allowing overall look more sexual, but better demonstrates fashion.

● Coloring color selection of simple advanced

Many times, I have repeatedly told everyone.

Minimalist single product

It is more likely to show a sense of temperament, especially like a dress, it is necessary to need a simple color to show an elegant feeling. Of course, you can also choose according to the effect itself wears.



Different styles.

It can show well like pink

Sweet and elegant

Feeling, classic black and white can more show high-level temperament, choose color, to make themselves more


● Highlight the body curve

Suitable when wearing a dress

Skin care

Or use

Slim design

It is very necessary to better show your own body curve, so that women’s mature soft breath is better released.

Especially choose exaggeration or

Fluffy version

Designed dress skirts, more need to be slimming to show their own body charm, at the same time, you can add some design feelings when choosing a slim version, such as

Hollow, fold

Waiting, you can make the Buddha becomes more stylish.

In fact, when choosing a dress, it is more important to design.

Small heart machine

Make people noticed your beauty.

For example, in the dress skirt

Frontal length

Design, there is an elegant and beautiful, and can show yourself with your long legs. Increased feminine and sexual feelings, instantly let the entire person’s gas field improved, more

Elegant atmosphere

Just like Gu Li Naz


“Tough eye, with sweet powder is quite advanced, elegant, even in the crowd, it is also very bright,

Do not lose

Punching can be referred to in different dresses

● Black tube top short design dress

No matter what version of the dress is so elegant, then




It must be a senior synonym. Black with design short board, looks more atmospheric, plus

Tube top design

Make more silence, plus the shoulder line

Decoration of drill

The golden light is very suitable for the scene of the dinner.

Short design

It is also a line of the legs in the visual effect. Want to make more highlighting, we can choose a one in the waist

Alphabet printing

The belt, while tall and high, it is also visually good modification. Select a pair of black classic high heels, women taste.

● Charming red word shoulder dress skirt

In everyone’s impression,


The representative is bright, sexy, choosing a red dress is a good choice, the design of the shoulder is more featuring, plus

Net design

If the hidden is both a passing body.

The skin is very white, the temperament selection

Red skirt

It could not be better. With silver earrings, low-key disclosure of luxury feelings.

● One-word shoulder silver atmosphere mesh dress

Silver dress

It is not a lack of beauty closets. The style of the shoulder makes the neck line more slender. Give people a sense of temperament. We choose from waist

Perspective style

With the accessories of silver drill, it looks very elegant.

Slim style

It is also just right to show a good figure. Skirt is designed to increase the gas field. More cautious in the choice of shoes. You can choose a pair of echo

Silver high heels


It looks very well.

Flower dress