Although the three amino acid cleansions such as this Franf silk is explosive, it is not suitable for sensitive muscles, cautious

Good evening ~

Today is MIYA to fill the pit job. Two days two days wrote a cream for sensitive muscles, lotion, today I recommend several cleansing products suitable for sensitive muscles.


First, how can the sensitive muscle choose cleaning products?

We still talk about the ideas of product choices before we recommend product. I said before, the sensitivity muscle is the same as the skin barrier. Severe red blood, large area population, frequent sensitive, dermatitis problem is sensitive muscle.

For sensitive muscles, the focus of skin care is repaired, avoiding more stimulating to the skin. The whole skin care process should be simplified as possible. This simplification includes:

Temporarily avoid the active ingredient. The barrier is damaged during the duty, which is not only invalid, but it is more likely to cause stimulation, resulting in skin inflammation.

Avoid using highly irritating products. For example: active ingredient, exfoliating, acid, etc.

Skin care steps are streamlined. Because many times are much more wrong, especially those who don’t understand. Therefore, the best way is to simplify as much as possible. Here, Miya also said: When there is no skin care product on the skin, or during the morning to wash your face directly. Skin care products can be streamlined only with cream or emulsion, sun protection can be replaced with hard sun.

Therefore, if the sensitive muscle is in accordance with the previous idea, it is actually a product that is uniform in the cleaning product. It is recommended to try to choose a gentle cleansing product.

But there is a question: Most of the cleaning power cleaning power will be relatively weak. Because of the idea of ​​product design: Sensitive muscle should try to streamline skin care, makeup should be used as little as possible.


Therefore, most of the so-called products suitable for sensitive muscles cleaning will feel unpleasant. The correct cleaning should be the sebum of the skin while washing the dust. If you think that you need a clear feeling of clearing, you may need to change from skin care ideas.


In addition, the gentle cleaning product, most people the first reaction is amino acid cleaning. Amino acid cleansing relative to the soap base cleaning may be mild. However, it does not mean that it is only possible to select amino acid cleansing. There are many compound cleansing products that are also gentle, and there are also some cleansing product components suitable for sensitive muscles.

Second, suitable for cleaning products for sensitive muscles:


1 ⃣️ ⃣️ 润;

This normal skin, especially the oil skin, can be used as a morning cleaning in the morning. Sensitive muscles are more suitable as late. There is no flavor, amino acid meter, while adding moisturizing ingredients such as glycerol. Although there is a preservative, it is also a mild component.

It is also good to use the bubble. Will not dry after cleaning, nor will it be false. It is a very suitable cleansing product that is suitable for sensitive muscles.

2 ⃣️ ⃣️ 拉 大 源 源 源;;;


This is a legendary “big nose” cleansing. Cleaning the formation belongs to the APG and amino acid diazogenes. The APG belongs to nonionic philateus, which is a de-liposome difference but a moderately mild. At the same time, glycerin and glucose are also increased as a moisturizer, and Zou Yokoguzu extract is an anti-inflammatory agent and aloe extract as a moisturizer.

The whole is a very gentle cleansing product, which can be said to be very sensitive to the sensitive mustfest. The transparent gel is a little viscous, little sliding, basically no foam (if you like a multi-bubble cleaning product can be bubble). There is no residual feeling after flushing with water, no dry, very moisturizing.

3 ⃣️ 雅 漾 修 免 免 免 洗 洗 洁


Costocostola glucosine is used as a tabletable component. Coconut glucosine belongs to APG inactivation, its own degreasing ability is poor, more mild. This cleansing is many years ago, I have used a lot of branches in my own sensitive muscle state, very gentle. If you used it prior to use ordinary cleansing products, it may not be adapted.

After cleaning, the skin surface is good for skin. Brand is defined as free cleaning, the brand before the brand is cleaned, and after the big spraying, I wiped the face, I am more accustomed to rinse with water. There is no tight feeling after cleaning, and sensitive muscles are really recommended.


4 ⃣️ ⃣️ ⃣️ 特 缓 缓面;

It is also a very peaceful cleaning product. The ingredient is very streamlined, free, no fragrance, no alcohol, no preservatives. The principle of oil soluble oil is cleaned. Emulsion, free. The method of use and Yave are washed. You can use a cotton pad to gently wipe away. I usually rinse with water. Dry sensitive skin will be very comfortable, and the oil will feel that there is a feeling of washing.


5 ⃣️ ⃣️ 泉 温 洗 洗;

This cleansing and 雅 漾, the two cleaning principles of the Skin Poetry. But there is a problem, it is also a problem of most products inquiry, although the main sensitive muscle skin care, all products have a fragrant fragrance. Many people can’t help this flavor, but I have used it to find it. But this is just a reference, because I am almost unsatisfactory now, may not be reflected. But it is still gentle than most cleansored products on the market.

The above is the five mainly recommended mild cleansing products suitable for sensitive muscles today. Here you need to explain that several recommended today is very mild, if you use a strong sunscreen product may not be suitable.

In addition, many people may have questions, why is there any hot amino acid cleansing not mentioned. Here, you will say that these cleansions have not been put into recommendation:

Ben’s rice cleansing;


This is also a more generous and recommended product for most people. However, there are 2 slots for sensitive muscles: the first is titanium dioxide in the ingredient, which is a common ingredient in physical sunscreen products and foundation products. Is our cleanliness not to wash off this ingredient? What is increased in cleaning products? In addition to cleaning, you feel that the skin is white, it is not used. But this role is not friendly for sensitive muscles.

Further, nicotinamide is contained in the ingredient. Cleaning process, even if there is nicotinamide, you can’t help me whiten. But for sensitive muscles, some people may not tolerate nicotinamide, but it is seriously irritating.


ELTA MD cleansing;

Typical amino acid meters, the fragrance in the ingredient is a decision. In addition, there is a “pineapple protease” in the ingredient. This ingredient can inhibit interleukin secretion transfer, anti-inflammatory effects, but at the same time there is a softening role. For sensitive muscles, it is not a product suitable for daily frequent use.

Fu Lifang silk amino acid cleansing;


This product is also net red, the only problem is also nicotinamide in the ingredient. As a cleaning product is actually unnecessary, it is risky for sensitive muscles.


Finally, it will be said: Bewlighted rice, ELTA MD, Fu Laifang silk ammonia cleansing these models are more relieved by most people, but we are talking about the cleansing products for sensitive muscles today. Cleans for sensitive muscles should be mild.

If you are distinguishing according to the cleaning ability, the front intensity cleaning products are low in front, and the three are moderately cleaned products. Please also choose and adjust according to your own actual situation, I recommend only reference only.