Recently, I have a kind of wearing: down jacket + long skirt, I will go home in New Year, fashionable

Near New Year, is you still wearing the “down jacket + leggings” in the new year? Although it is said that this group of CP is simple and good, it is really too tonistic, it is difficult to wear a fashion fashion.


If you want to wear some yourself in the new year, come to try the “down jacket + long skirt”, the New Year is so worn, and the fashionable journey is good.

Part1: Wear “down jacket + long skirt”, what kind of skill?

Skill 1: Guaranteed the contrast between clothing

The down jacket is a very loose single product, so we are mixed, we should not choose the same loose inside, which will seem to be very bloated in the whole shape, which is obey.

In other words, we have to choose a down jacket to match the down jacket, let the inside and outside clothing form a contrast, back lining the skinned slim slim. The white down jacket of the next picture blogger + beige bottoming shirt is used.

Similarly, we can also let the lower body come as a contrast, such as the half-length skirt of the picture of the picture, a little boots, a little ankle line, so that the version of the ankle and the skirt is compared, the slimming effect is also very good. Or the contrast, the contrast of the neck and down jacket can create “visual thin” effect.


Tips 2: Use bright colors, increase fun

The down jacket colors on the market, mostly based on neutral color and earth, rarely choose purple, blue this type of colorful colors. The first is because this type of color is too jumped, it is not good, the second is because this type of color is not friendly to the black yellow skin.

However, there is a very obvious shortcomings in neutral colors and earth colors, which is a “single tone”. At this time, we can choose bright colors as a style, such as a black down jacket + red sweater.


However, we can only choose small area bright colors as embellishment, if the large area is used, it will make the shape look too exaggerated, thereby losing the stability.


In addition, we can also use “lend white” to enhance the interest of the shape, such as half-length skirt + short boots, you can use the light leg socks and stockings to “leave white”, but also Smart temperament.

Part 2: “Down Jacket + Long Skirt” Wear Demonstration

LOOK1: Down Jacket + Stripesh + Umbrella Dress

This is a set of high-quality combination, the big earth-shaped stripe and the umbrella dress together, the style is deeply tempered, and the white short down jacket will use the white short down jacket to eliminate the earth’s fluorine, wear the moment Refreshing.


In addition, the blogger also used a short boot to enhance the style of shape, and then cooperate with the stockings of the same color, the entire shape is lazy, but it will not seem to be too lazy.

LOOK2: Down Jacket + Knitz + Lace Half Skirt

These two groups are very suitable for small children who have been worn. Pink short down jackets have a sense of girl, with white high-neck sweaters and lace skirts, highlighting the age of dressing, special tricks People like it.

At this time, other accessories can not be too calm, so the blogger chooses white boots and beige beret, and overall looks more academic atmosphere.

LOOK3: Down Jacket + Dress


In the matching of long down jackets, the appearance rate of the dress is very high. The first thing is because this group is simple and good, there is no need to worry about “mix and match”, simple down jacket + solid color dress is enough.

However, in this matching method, we have to focus on the hierarchy of the model color. For example, white down jacket + coffee dress, white can clean the coffee color, coffee color can increase the stabilizing temperament for white, the two complement each other, and the temperament is resistant.


If you want to wear more vitality, you can try red down jackets, then match the white dress, the outer depth of the color is not only a level, but the shape is also perfectly transferred on the down jacket. When we take a down to wear, it is slightly a little skirt, which is both smart and advanced.

After reading these demonstrations, don’t you know if you have learned it? If you feel that the content of this period is helpful, please praise a lot + pay attention to it, we will see you next time ~