The quilt in Ningbo words called the head


Ningbo words called the head, also called the cotton, was switched to the head, and some places were called the head, the headed needle is “䌥 (sound shadow) Need”, the line Use a double shares of cotton yarn.

Be outside the head

Be in the wrong


Be seen

In the clip, it is generally white cotton, white, there are several detailed horizontal stripes. It is better to see, colorful floral patterns, such as dragon and phoenix, 鸳鸯, peony, Baizi, etc., the material is also good, good use of silk, Ningbo people call


, Satin quilt, return

Mao Ge

There are also cotton fabrics, but they are all printed.

It is a cotton, so it’s called a cotton, a cotton called


(Sound fine), before the cotton bought to the spring, it is the same, according to the number of different parts of the number, the length of the first, “six-foot cotton bed is seven”, that is, the bed has Six feet long, the head is seven-foot long. The width is distinguished, the width of the two people, the quilt for single bed, or a slight narrow point of a person cover.

Different from the head, the winter should be covered with the head, the spring and autumn, there are small heads in the summer, the bare feet is shorter than the length of the adult, such as only four feet long, cover the feet to be exposed, children If you can’t cover your feet, this length can be casually.

In the past, there were many heads in my family. The big head has ten pounds, eight pounds, five pounds, four pounds, etc. There are more than ten heads (the head is a or a stalk). The beds in the new house in the new house are piled up with a high-headed head. Color color is a new lady. However, the family has two heads, the conditions are good to marry more than ten, almost seven. Eight heads.


One of the head covered is a horizontal head, or is called the blocked, and some people will sew on a towel, which is easy to remove, because the shot is just posted with the human chin, neck, easy to dirty, and disassemble the quilt Trouble, and there are more people to change towels.

The above is the cover, and there is


It is the head in the bed in the bed, the scorpion in Mandarin. In the past, most of the houses used a brown teller, summer mats, and the sky was cold, and they had a pad, otherwise she could not sleep, unlike a Mengsi, sheaveded only to sleep.

The pad is as large as the bed surface, usually six feet long, the width is also based on the size of the bed, the single bed is generally three-foot wide, the big bed is four feet (the previous bed with a blade, four feet lying two adults It is not crowded), and there is a 1 meter 5 wide bed. The pad is also related to the season, the winter thick point, the spring and autumn.


If the pad is not used, the simple point is that it can be padded directly after the spring, the tidbits are not scattered, because the cotton yarn is stretched outside the tidi. Generally, the old cloth is placed on the old cloth, or a blanket to avoid being in direct contact with the palm wire, then the pad is placed on the top, namely the sheets, the sheets are placed on the sheet.

Such a bed is better, it can be trapped on the pillow. Take the pad when you take the mat, let’s let the head or red (out?) The feet, then there is a towel blanket, velvet, Summer is well used.

Nowadays, there are not many people in this head, and the older people may use, my parents still like this old-fashioned head, the cover time is long, I will play more, I can play again. My own home is not covered for more than ten years. I have been used. It is the finished wool, and the silk is, the air conditioner is waiting, and it is not needed. It is used in a set.

I am thinking, now young people may even have anything to be folded, how to turn it even more. But I feel that the old-fashioned head is good. Now the new first is not fixed, don’t put it, the cover is not good, fold (syllable) is also folded.

I remember that when I was married, my mother gave me the new flower of me, the pad was blocked, and the winter was snowing and slept. It was also a thick and soft phase. After a few years, he slowly went by his wife. I plan to go back to the head, anyway, I will turn it, I will have a few in the face, and there is a quilted winter sun to get too taking special incense, there is a sunshine taste, very good ,Hahaha.